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The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 – Team Liddell Vs. Team Ortiz Episode 9

They are teasing hard that this is the episode in which Tito leaves the show, forcing them to change one of the coaches for the show.

The show starts with a weigh-in for the Kyle Noke and Kris McCray fight.

Uh oh, here’s the tease for Tito leaving. He says that the doctor wants him to have neck surgery. He says he won’t let Chuck beat him if he’s not 100%.

McCray and Noke are buddies and Dana says one of the things he wants to teach them is that in the UFC, there are no friends. Well, unless you’re Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva. Or Keith Jardine and Rashad Evans. Or Josh Fitch and Josh Koscheck.

Kyle Noke vs. Kris McCray

The first round was a bit odd to me. Noke is clearly more talented, but he was getting a little cute with McCray. McCray just put his head down and wrestled and stayed out of submissions. It was that hard worker kind of round that the wrestlers usually get and I think it’s McCray’s round.

Noke was on his back the entire round. McCray took him down and kept him there.

Well, I got the first round wrong. They’re going to a third. What a boring fight this was. McCray took him down again and just held him there until they were stood up. Noke went for a kimura, but didn’t get close. If only Noke could wrestle.

Winner: Kris McCray by way of unanimous decision

It’s Brad Tavares against Seth Baczynski next.

Chuck hears about Tito and says that if he has to put up with Tito for six weeks, he better fight.

Seth Baczynski vs. Brad Tavares

Seth gets an early takedown and is working to get his back. He got high on his back and was throwing punches on Brad. Brad stood up and nearly dumped him on his head, but Seth held on. Seth worked for a rear naked, but it was more like a side choke. He figure four’d his legs around Brad’s midsection. Brad slipped out and was on top, but Seth was throwing up kicks. Seth tried to sink in a triangle and Brad picked him up and dropped him twice and got out. For whatever reason, Brad won’t let him get back up and keeps feeding his arm and face to Seth. Brad slipped throwing a kick and was on the ground and Seth accidentally soccer kicked him in the face. That was wicked. And illegal.

Brad doesn’t know what hit him. He went to sit in the corner and was loopy. The fight is over.

Winner: Brad Tavares by way of disqualification

Tito thinks he kicked him in the chest and arm pit. Then he threw a fit. He said it was the only way they could win and one of Chuck’s guys took offense to it. Tito then started talking smack to one of them. I think it was Henle. Chuck then wanted to go after Tito.

Then Dana pulled Chuck aside and told him that Tito pulled out. Chuck said he was going to go punch him in the face.

If you take away the boring first fight, that was a fun episode, especially with the drama at the end. Is Rich Franklin going to make an appearance next week?

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5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 – Team Liddell Vs. Team Ortiz Episode 9

  1. Well there goes my pick. And what joy, another boring one dimensional wrestler headed to ufc. GREAT

  2. Noke really let me down. I thought he would be much better than that of his back.

    I was also worried for Brad Taveres who is a guy I like. Not really happy with his performance and sucks that he had to win that way.

  3. Agree with both of you. I thought Noke would do well. I never thought, and still don’t think McCray is any good.

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