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The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 – Team Liddell Vs. Team Ortiz Episode 8

Kyacey’s son was born while he was getting ready for his wildcard fight against Kris McCray. Tito says he’s going to sit in the bleachers and not say anything. He’s going to let the better man win. He must think his screaming for under hooks helps these guys or something.

Kyacey Uscola vs. Kris McCray

Kyacey kicked Kris right underneath his knee twice and McCray winced like he was hurt. Lots of holding each other against the cage. McCray hit him low and then was reversed on a takedown, but got right back up and took a knee to the gut. Then he got the takedown on Kyacey and worked the rear naked choke, but it was way sloppy and he didn’t get it.

Kyacey looked terrible. McCray got the takedown and put him in a kimura and he tapped out.

Winner: Kris McCray by way of 2nd round submission

Dana, Tito, and Chuck are trying to choose the next round of fights. Tito wants Court McGee and Nick Ring to fight again so we can get a clear winner on the fight. Kind of unfair to his guy. Dana thought it was a good idea and Chuck got made because Tito got his way.

The match-ups for the next round are as follows:

Nick Ring vs. Court McGee
Kyle Noke vs. Kris McCray
Brad Tavares vs. Seth Baczynski
Jamie Yager vs. Josh Bryant

It’s still all Chuck guys vs. Tito guys.

Forrest Griffin came in the house to promo the new UFC Undisputed 2010 game. He was wearing a trench coat and flip flops. All the guys got to play around with the game for a couple of hours.

Nick Ring got his knee checked and he’s going to need a third ACL reconstruction. The doctor gave him the option of trying to fight through it, but he could rip his meniscus and possible damage the bone.

Dana comes into the house and asks Nick if he wants to fight. Nick thinks it’s better to pull out of the tournament. He doesn’t think he’ll be able to do anything but pull guard and won’t be able to win.

Joe Henle wants to take Nick’s spot. I’m for that. Or how about Joe and Hammortree fight to get the spot? Hammortree walks out of the house to tell Dana he wants it, even though his back is messed up. Dana gave him the spot. Henle is bummed out. He told Dana that he wanted it, but Dana said Hammortree beat him to it. He then said he wants the next shot if anyone else gets hurt.

Looks like we’re getting the first fight now.

Court McGee vs. James Hammortree

McGee won a boring first round. They had some decent shots back and forth.

Hammortree went for a weak takedown to start the second and stuck his head right in a guillotine. For whatever reason, he kept his head in there and gave it to him. He tapped.

Winner: Court McGee by way of 2nd round submission

Henle would’ve had a much better fight I think.

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5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 – Team Liddell Vs. Team Ortiz Episode 8

  1. Has anyone ever looked more creepy than Forrest did coming in to the house?

    Joe Henle really shouldn’t have been bitching about not getting the fight. If there is one thing Dana White loves, its guys who are enthusiastic about fighting. When Hammortree went after him, it was a brilliant move to get the fight.

    The original idea by Tito to have Ring and McGee fight again was a great idea though and I am glad Dana agreed.

    I think Court could make a solid welterweight down the road.

    I think a lot of talent is going to come out of this show. I think Brad Taveres could get down to welterweight and be solid. Kris McCray in better shape could be good. Kyle Noke is good. Hammortree has some potential but needs to get healthy. Same with Nick Ring. Jamie Yager can strike and there is always a place for that.

    I think this season could give 4/5 new UFC fighters.

  2. But if you look at it, Henle had an argument to be in the wild card. Just because Hammortree asked for the fight, doesn’t mean he was the best guy. He was just smart about knowing what Dana likes. Henle showed heart and was in much better shape than Hammortree in their first fights. Hammortree is really bad. I’m not saying Henle is good, but he should’ve been in the running. He just didn’t know how to play Dana’s game.

    I would hope that you’re right about these new guys. The thing that makes me want to wait and see about these guys is that no one really stood out as a killer. Yager looked good. Noke looked good. Tavares looked good. But none of them looked like a killer, or really a standout personality. We don’t really have that standout personality this year. I thought it was going to be Yager or Uscola. But the camera isn’t staying on either guy.

  3. Yeah, I am wondering if the UFC production team has decided to focus less on the house-related material and more on the training/fighting. Yager certainly seemed like the leading candidate for A-Hole of the season.

    Henle was probably in the running and had Hammortree not stepped up to Dana he probably would have gotten the fight (imo). But like you said, Hammortree knew that if you step up and show Dana you want to fight, you are going to get he fight. Yager was right when he said “closed mouth don’t get fed”. Though in the end I don’t think it mattered much because I think Court beats them both.

    I think these next few matches are going to be something good. I like Noke, Taveres and Yager to all advance.

  4. I have only watched a handful of these episodes, but I’m sticking with my original prediction that Kyle Noke is the best fighter in the house.

    That plug for the game…….shameless

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