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The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 – Team Liddell Vs. Team Ortiz Episode 7

After winning his fight with Court McGee, Nick Ring thinks he may have something wrong with the ligament in his knee.

The last fight is Seth Baczynski vs. The Caveman. Dana thinks The Caveman isn’t good at all and that it should be a one-sided fight. Seth was given a second chance after he lost in the qualifying matches and he’s grateful about it.

Joe Henle aka Caveman got into the sport almost by accident. He never expected to make the show. Rich Attonito doesn’t think Joe’s mentally strong. He has a MBA in financial planning as his plan B.

Striking coach Howard Davis says his striking isn’t great right now. But, he’s only been in the sport for six months and he thinks it’s a good accomplishment to be that young in the sport and be that good.

Ring’s knee went out of him in training. He’s had issues with it in the past and for three years has been fighting on a bad knee.

They are really building this fight up as a slaughter. Henle’s trying to let people know that he’s going to bring it and he knows he’s the underdog.

Joe Henle vs. Seth Baczynski

What an interesting round this was. If Joe had any sort of experience on the ground, he probably finishes Seth. Joe got an early takedown but put his head on a platter for Seth, who tried to sink in a triangle. Joe got out of that, but kept feeding his head and was put in a guillotine. It looked like he tapped out, but the ref didn’t stop it. He got out of that mostly because Seth was tired and then tried to put him in an anaconda choke. When Seth rolled through it, Joe then got his back and tried for a rear naked choke. Seth ended the round on top of Joe.

Seth got a body lock on Joe and took him down, but Joe ended up on top and almost fell into side control. He worked around to Seth’s back and went for another rear naked choke. At every opportunity, Joe was able to out-work him and get back on top of Seth. He’s stealing this round simply by out-working him. What a motor on this dude. Seth got up, hit Joe, and Joe fell back into the cage. Seth came in with a slow running knee and Joe was able to get out of the way of it. Dana said it’s like a wrestling match, and I don’t think he meant amateur wrestling. I think he meant a WWE match. Right at the buzzer, Seth sunk in a rear naked choke. It’s probably one to one at this point.

Seth just out-classed him. Rather than continuing to fight Joe’s fight, he took it back to the basics and dominated the last round. He won the fight.

Winner: Seth Baczynski by unanimous decision

Joe definitely deserves to be in the discussion for the wildcard.

Dana, Chuck, and Tito picked the wildcards. They chose Kyacey Uscola and Kris McCray. Kyacey is a good choice, but Kris’ selection is a bit perplexing. I thought Kris gassed badly and showed that he wasn’t ready. But oh well. Rich is hurt and he’s out and Dana put Court McGee in his spot. So Court gets to move on and doesn’t even have to win the wildcard fight.

Joe thought his fight was better than McCray’s fight. Hammortree is disappointed as well.

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3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 – Team Liddell Vs. Team Ortiz Episode 7

  1. Do you see either of the wild card picks being actual threats to win? Because I don’t.

  2. I think Uscola can do it if he controls his temper, but he’s clearly not the most talented.

  3. Unfortunately I have been very impressed with Jamie Yager thus far. His two wins have been decisive and his only career loss is by DQ for an illegal head kick. Maybe he is legit.

    I also think Brad Tavares could make a good welterweight down the road.

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