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The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 – Team Liddell Vs. Team Ortiz Episode 6

Kyacey Uscola thinks that Tito had McCray doing plyometrics and it hurt McCray’s chance in the fight because his muscles were shocked. Um, ok.

Chuck thinks Court McGee is ready and he wants to win the next two fights to go 6-1.

Yaeger and McCray don’t think Tito over-trains them. Tito hears the criticism and decides to call Kyacey out and Kyacey is just stubborn, which is a theme this year. The dude was stubborn over calling Yaeger a thief when it was proven that he wasn’t, and now he’s calling out a former light heavyweight champion on his training technique. Tito says his training is geared towards getting his guys ready to fight back to back to back.

Tito and Chuck are playing a good old fashioned game of dodge ball. These dudes can’t catch dodge balls. And Chuck can play. They cleaned out Tito’s team easily, three games to none. This was a butt-kicking like Big Nog beating Mir in soccer and Forrest beating Rampage in hoops.

Chuck chooses Court McGee to fight Nick Ring. Ring did his best Orlando Jordan impersonation. Dana thinks Ring could win it all.

Chuck tells McGee to expect kicks from Ring and either step back or check the kicks.

McGee tells the guys a story of when he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. He says he died and was brought back to life.

James Hamortree hurt his back being taken down and he screamed out like he was in shock. They put him in a brace and stretchered him out. Tito says Hamortree was in the running for the wild card spot.

Tito thinks the fight with McGee should be an easy one for ring and he should finish him in the first.

Hammortree looks like he’s ok.

Court McGee vs. Nick Ring

Pretty competitive first round, though nothing much really happened. Ring looks much bigger. He got a takedown later in the round and just stayed on top of him for the entire thing. He tried to get side control, but couldn’t, so just stayed in McGee’s guard.

The second round was all stand-up and clinch. McGee looked to have the upper hand early in the round, but Ring started to use his reach and leg kicks. Whenever they clinched, it was a stalemate. McGee finished up strong, but I’m not sure if he decisively won the round. It was close.

Winner: Nick Ring by way of majority decision

It could’ve gone to a third round, but I think the better fighter won. But you have to give it up to McGee. He pushed the pace that second round. I think it was just too close considering what we’ve seen from judges on this show. Chuck was pissed and Dana agreed with him.

On the next show, there’s doubt about Nick Ring because of an injury, plus we see the final prelim fight. Then the wildcards are selected.

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