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The Ricky Hatton Boxing Show

Hatton TV has launched a new panel discussion style show hosted by the one and only Ricky Hatton. Ricky’s guests for the first episode are Micky Cantwell and the recently retired Jamie Moore. They discuss Jamie’s career path and his decision to retire. There is a feature on the man Ricky feels is the best prospect in Britain, Scott Quigg. They take a look back at the British Amateur championships, and discuss the recent world title fights featuring Kevin Mitchell and Amir Khan. A good first episode, definitely worth checking out if you have a half hour to spare.
You can watch the show by clicking *HERE*

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2 thoughts on “The Ricky Hatton Boxing Show

  1. What a cool idea this is. And he doesn’t look like he’s in any sort of boxing shape right now. Ha!

  2. Truth be told, Ricky is one of the most forward thinking promoters in Boxing. He understands that you have to first put the ground work in to later reap the rewards. He always puts together good undercards for his shows. He does good work building boxing at the local level by promoting smaller shows, and he streams his non televised cards on the site exposing the fighters to a wider audience. And also, they feature most of the big amateur meets on demand as well. Boxing has been good to Hatton, and it’s good to see a guy like that him giving something back to the sport.

    Regards fighting, I’m sure he’s done. It will probably be a case like Naseem Hamed, where he just never officially makes the announcement.

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