The Aftermath – WWE 2010 Over The Limit

Some have called it the worst WWE PPV of the year so far and while not bad, it’d be hard to disagree. Part of the reason this show was as average as it was had nothing to do with the matches. Some of it was just bad luck.

Here’s what we thought about the show:

Thumbs Down (leaning)
Best Match: The Hart Dynasty vs. Chris Jericho and The Miz
Worst Match: Randy Orton vs. Edge

Usually WWE deliver good main event matches, and thus no matter how bad the show has been up to that point, you go away feeling somewhat content. This was quite the opposite. I really enjoyed a lot of the early stuff. It was nice to see Kofi getting the big PPV win. Punk/Mysterio was enjoyable; even if it wasn’t some of their better work. And the tag title match was the highlight of the show for me.

Now, the second half of this show was an unmitigated disaster. Orton went down with the injury just as things were beginning to get going, and his match with Edge was waved off. Then Swagger/Show made it two non-finishes in a row. We had our usual worthless divas segment, and then a disappointing headliner. I have loved the Cena/Batista feud, but for me this was the worst match they have had. Not awful, just disappointing. I can’t say Over The Limit was a complete waste of time because of the 2 or 3 good early bouts, but if you didn’t see it you weren’t missing much.

Thumbs In The Middle
Best Match: Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk
Worst Match: Randy Orton vs. Edge

Really weird PPV. I literally don’t know what I think about it. I do know that I thought it had ALOT more potential. Rey vs. Punk was probably the best match of the show, but it wasn’t the best match of their series and it needed to be. Edge vs. Orton was the only match I didn’t enjoy (women’s is too short to count). Main event was enjoyable but it wasn’t like it was a great wrestling match.

Thumbs In The MIddle
Best Match: The Hart Dynasty vs. Chris Jericho and The Miz
Worst Match: Randy Orton vs. Edge

It’s unfortunate that Randy Orton was injured and that CM Punk was busted open. But when those kinds of things happen, you’d kind of hope that WWE management would make some changes on the fly to make things more enjoyable. They have to do something about that blood rule. Since Christian wasn’t on the show, couldn’t he have interfered in the Orton/Edge match? Couldn’t they have made Jack Swagger vs. The Big Show more than it was? Well, they didn’t. The only two things I really liked on the show were Rey vs. Punk as I thought Punk improvised well and they picked up the speed of the match greatly knowing that they were in trouble. I also thought that everyone in tag title match worked their ass off to make the crowd react. If the crowd reacts to that match, it would’ve been really great. Cena and Batista was too gimmicky, like their last match, for it to have been truly enjoyable for me.

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