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Rashad/Rampage Conference Call For UFC 114

Thanks to http://prommmanow.com we have the audio to today’s heated Rampage/Rashad conference call.

These dudes either really annoy each other or they are fantastic actors.

Listen to it here.

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7 thoughts on “Rashad/Rampage Conference Call For UFC 114

  1. Racist? No. Uppity? Maybe.

    I think he doesn’t like it when Rampage plays the dumb guy because it looks badly upon his race. He called it the “Sambo”. He says in real life, Rampage is a smart guy, but to get people to like him, he plays the dumb, funny, black guy because it’s easier to be liked that way.

    Have you ever read the book, Invisible Man?

  2. That was a dumb question. I’ll assume you are talking about Ellison since that book is about race. And yeah, I read it for a class I took on African-american literature.

  3. That’s the book that popped into my head when Rashad used the term sambo (and not Fedor’s favorite sport).

  4. Whenever I think of the term sambo, I think of Robert Downey Jr. doing black-face in Tropic Thunder.

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