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Mayweather / Mosley does 1.4 million buys

LAS VEGAS (AP)—Floyd Mayweather Jr. proved to be a box office draw in his fight with Shane Mosley, with 1.4 million buys for television revenue of $78.3 million.

This should be viewed as nothing other than a monumental success, regardless of the ridiculous 4 million prefight predictions made by Richard Schaefer. That is a massive PPV number, and everybody involved should be very satisfied with it.

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5 thoughts on “Mayweather / Mosley does 1.4 million buys

  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you might be right, Pacgwire seems to be getting off his high horse and off the juice too. They’re very well maybe a Floyd Jr./Pacquiao bout since Pacquiao knew he was going to lose his election to congress regardless of his pull as a boxer or “singer”. =D You guys already know who I’d pick in this fight lets just hope Pacquiao does the right thing for once in his life.

  2. Wait, didn’t Pac win the election?

    1.4 is a very good number and proves that May is ever so slightly the bigger draw.

    I think the fight with Pac could very well do in the 2.4 range and challenge the DLH/May fight.

  3. Well, Espn dropped the ball in making everyone think Pacquiao was no longer interested in being a congressman. If anyone went to espn.com and read the story yesterday about how Pacquiao was seeking to make the fight with Floyd because he all of a sudden was devoting himself to a fight with Floyd and was leaning more on helping boxing become a “clean sport.” My guess is Pacquiao and crew were covering their tails in case they lost bad in the elections. In either case it means nothing to me if he’s a congressman or not my overview is (GOOD LUCK) to MANILA, Philippines. Hopefully, corruption doesn’t spread from boxing into civic duties which we all know is almost impossible to guarantee. Hopefully, Manny does the right thing and takes the same test that all the big superstar athletes take.

  4. I don’t think being a congressman is going to deter his career at all. That was the point the entire time. He can do both. And he’s already lost before so I don’t think he was covering his tail.

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