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Line Up For Saturday’s Strikeforce Broadcast

Alistair Overeem vs. Brett Rogers (Strikeforce heavyweight title)
Andrei Arlovski vs. Antonio Silva
Roger Gracie vs. Kevin Randleman
Ronaldo Jacare Souza vs. Joey Villasenor
Antwain Britt vs. Rafael Feijao Cavalcante

The card is scheduled to air on Saturday night at 10 on Showtime.
More info on Showtime’s website.

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9 thoughts on “Line Up For Saturday’s Strikeforce Broadcast

  1. Some interesting names on here. Will be nice to see Overeem stateside finally; never seen him fight live.

  2. I actually expect it to be a pretty good show.
    The two heavyweight fights should be fun shootouts.
    Jacare / Villasenor will be an interest styles match up.
    Roger is probably the most accomplished submission grappler there is at hw, so i want to see how he can adapt thhat to mma

  3. Since we won’t do a preview for the show, let’s put our picks on here.

    I’m going Overeem by 2nd round TKO (though Rogers has a shot at a quick knockout), Arlovski by a boring decision, Gracie by submission, Jacare by 3rd round submission in the best fight on the card, and Feijao.

  4. Overeem KO1
    Arlovski dec
    Roger sub 2
    Jacare sub 1
    and to be honest i’m not sure about the last match.

    I think it’s stupid they are putting my main man The grim in with Overeem right after Fedor. He’s still only a novice and he will have no fought Arlovski, Fedor, and Overeem back to back to back. That’s 3 top ten guys in a row, jeez no pressure.

    Even if he scores the upset -which he does have the potential to do- it was still stupid match making. He should be taking a little step down the ladder and given a chance to rebuild himself before being flung back in with the likes of Alistair. It’s especially stupid because I think he’s a guy who could really be a bit of a star for them if given the right opportunity.

  5. I talked about that with Stevie J a bit too about Rogers. But it was more with the idea that they want to build to Overeem and Fedor and there’s a good chance that with US testing and Overeem’s sometimes lack of interest, Rogers can beat him and then what do they have for their first PPV show?

    No one wants to see Rogers or Arlovski with him again. Then what do you have?

    For Rogers, who else can he fight other than top guys after beating Arlovski?

  6. Overeem round one KO.
    Big Foot silva boring decision.
    Roger Gracie round two submission.
    Jacare round one submission.
    And I’ll just say Britt decision.

    Overeem should crush Rogers, in my opinion. Overeem is an exceptional stand up fighter and while Rogers did manage to bloody Fedor, his lack of a size advantage over Overeem will stop that from happening again. I think Overeem just pours it on.

    Strikeforce really needs Overeem and Fedor to win; no matchup they can make at HW can garner as much interest.

  7. 4 out of 5 right picks and got the top three outcomes right too. I will take it.

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