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Floyd Mayweather Vs. Shane Mosley Live Play By Play

I put together a big preview for the fight with lots of fans and a few writers giving their picks. You can see that by going here.

I won’t be paying close attention to some of the undercard because of where I’m at, but I’ll list all the winners and hopefully be able to watch the last undercard.

1. Said Ouali vs. Hector Saldivia

From Kevin Iole’s Twitter:

Said Ouali was knocked down 10 seconds into fight. He ends up knocking Hector Saldivia down twice and stops him in first.

Winner: Said Ouali by way of 1st round TKO

2. Ponce de Leon vs. Cornelius Lock

From Iole:

Ponce de Leon wins a unanimous decision 96-94 twice and 97-93.

Winner: Ponce de Leon by unanimous decision

3. Saul Alvarez vs. Jose Miguel Cotto

Alvarez is a red-headed Mexican. Cotto blasted him with a left hook and an overhand right and hit him flush several times. Alvarez caught his legs and survived, but definitely lost the round.

These guys are slugging it out. Alvarez put Cotto on his gloves for a knockdown near the end of the round.

Strong round again, but Alvarez seems to be taking over. He’s dictating the fight now and just won his second round in a row.

More Alvarez who is just banging the heck out of Cotto now.

Another big round for Alvarez. He backed him into the corner and was just teeing off. Cotto took about 15 punches in the corner in order to set up a one-two combination. Not a good trade-off.

Alvarez landed a ton more shots, but you kind of figure that he should be moving towards getting Cotto out of there. Cotto is still hanging in there and banging, but he’s on the bad end of it.

Good round for Cotto. Alvarez is letting him hang in there. Cotto rocked him a bit and won the round.

Another big round for Alvarez. He out slugged him in power shots like 20-1.

Interesting stoppage. Alvarez had him against the ropes and was just measuring him with his shots. He was landing about one out of every three shots. Cotto wasn’t answering with shots, but was moving well. And then the ref stopped it.

Winner: Saul Alvarez by way of 9th round TKO

Chris Brown is singing the National Anthem. It’s almost poetic that one of his first public appearances is singing at a boxing event.

4. Shane Mosley vs. Floyd Mayweather

Mosley is coming out to Eminem’s Til I Collapse. Mayweather had the OJays singing For The Love Of Money in the middle of the ring.

I thought Mosley would come out much quicker and put pressure on Mayweather, but he didn’t. They’ve gotten tangled with each other a few times already and the ref is easy to call for them to separate. Mosley slipped on a punch and went down, but it was correctly called a slip. This is a Mayweather round and not a Mosley round.

Mosley landed two great right hands that wobbled Mayweather. Mayweather hung onto him on the first one, but the second, Mayweather’s legs nearly went out. Great round for Mosley and the crowd is now fired up.

Back to a Mayweather round. Mayweather hit him with a short left hook and a lead right and those were the best shots of the round. I have Mayweather up 2-1, but I can see someone giving Mosley the first round too as it was very close.

Mayweather landed two nice right hands, and throw an overhand right to the body near the ropes that was loud, but probably caught Shane on the shoulder. Mayweather’s out-jabbing him too. Shane needs to be way more active. 3-1 Mayweather.

Not a great round when it came to action, but Mosley is still fighting Mayweather’s fight. And he’s not nearly active enough to steal any of these close rounds, mostly because Floyd is dictating the pace. 4-1 Mayweather.

Mayweather is countering Mosley tremendously well. He’s landing great counter shots. Mayweather’s right hand is answering at will right now.

Mayweather is wearing Mosley down. He hit Shane with some big shots and for the first time in the fight, it looked like he hurt Shane. Shane looks either tired or hurt going into his corner. Mayweather is being very patient. There were opportunities for him to rush in there but he didn’t. I have it 6-1 Mayweather.

They did a little brawling as Mosley tried to toss Mayweather into the ropes. Mayweather and Mosley started talking and Mayweather quick punched him with a right. They started talking trash. Mayweather’s round again, but he fired up Mosley with that quick shot.

Mayweather landed some wicked right hands. He threw a left hook right hand combination that just snapped Mosley’s head. Mosley is just second way too often. Mayweather’s landing about half of his punches and Mosley’s landing zip.

This is the first time in the fight where it looks like Mosley is just overwhelmed. He is a step slow and just getting hit with everything May wants to hit him with. I think his trainer Richardson wants Mosley to show him something.

Mayweather landed 55% of his punches this round, which means that Shane isn’t making him miss at all. Shane looks very old tonight.

More Mayweather domination. I had Mosley winning the second round and that’s all. I’ll say one thing though. Pacquiao would’ve finished Mosley whereas Mayweather was content with just beating Mosley to every punch.

Winner: Floyd Mayweather by unanimous decision

119-109, 119-109, 118-110

Merchant asked Mayweather why he turned offensive. Mayweather says the fans wanted to see a toe-to-toe battle. He says that his father and uncle went over the game plan and gave him the idea that they could be offensive with him. He didn’t say he was hurt, but he did say Mosley hit him with a big shot.

He says that unless Pacquiao takes the blood and urine test, that fight won’t happen.

Shane says after he hit him with the big right, he kept loading up and was getting tight.

43 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Vs. Shane Mosley Live Play By Play

  1. You should probably pin this one to the top of the page – it’s currently under the picks from the writers.

  2. Hey all we got a great fight tonight =D

  3. how about a little more depth in ur analysis…………if its not too much to ask for…thanks anyway

  4. It’s kind of hard to analyze live boxing. I’ll give the play by play and save the analysis for after the fight.

  5. boo thats y people use these play by plays if i wanted the analysis after the fight id read everyone elses comeon man ur getting outdone by an mma site theyre doint wut u claim to be hard pretty easily….sorry i know this aint easy but comeon

  6. I think it’s fine. GG already said his online connection is spotty and I don’t want punch for punch analysis anyway – who wins and who loses each round is good enough.

  7. Hey kaleo, thanks for the feedback bro.

    The goal is the give the reader a play by play of the round. The analysis part comes after. I don’t hear Lampley or Merchant giving any analysis. They’re just telling you what’s going on.

  8. David, glad to see you’re participating, but you’re not saying anything GG isn’t so it’s a bit redundant.

  9. Floyds just cocky and annoying Pacquiao V Mayweather wont happen it’ll kill boxing …..

  10. This reminds me of Hendo v. Shields – one round where the challenger looks good, while all the rest go to the champion.

  11. Yeah except Hendo was a heavy favorite in that fight….. that made me angry Strikeforce is kinda a joke.

    Mayweather by decision….

  12. Mayweather has all the talent in the world ad none of the backbone. He has made a career out of fighting boxers past their prime. If he finds the balls to fight Pacquaio (who is a much smaller fighter but still in his prime, very fast and powerful) then I might have some respect for him as a boxer.

  13. …so, who’ll be next..? i hope it’s Pacquiao..would be a great fight…!

  14. Pacgwire stop hiding behind your PED’s and make the fight happen. It doesn’t matter now, everyone knows your a user. Don’t be so blind people, Pacgwire will get executed by

    Mayweather. Wait a minute, didn’t we just finish watching the execution of a legend in Mosley??? I’ve never seen Mosley get so Dominated like this, never. Floyd really is pound for pound the

    best period. Love him or hate him, the truth is the truth, Floyd simply put is the (BEST boxer in the sweet science)

  15. Hmmm, Floyd was great tonight, but I’m still unsure if he can beat Manny. Manny is relentless. Then again, we didn’t see a great Mayweather until Mosley hit him good.

  16. What did you think of Saul Alvarez GG. A lot of people seem to see him as a potential star after the show. There may be something to that. He’s got good fundamentals, exciting to watch, and hes still really young. I think his look will help him to, in the sense that people will remember him.

  17. He was interesting. He has a funny look for being a Mexican fighter and I think that’s going to work for him. I liked the way he hung in there and banged, especially after being rocked a bit.

    What’s funny is that I found out about him the day before the show. My cousin was telling me about this kid who is up and coming who was a red-headed Mexican. I hope we get to see him on some upcoming shows. I’d like to follow his career a bit, much like some of the other young fighters they show from time to time on the undercards.

  18. This is actually a guy who had gone completely under my radar to up to this point. Going to definitely be keeping an eye out for him now.

  19. I don’t really hear the Pactards saying a thing after Floyds dominance over Mosley. I wonder why??? Could it be they know that Pacgwire doesn’t stand a chance??? hmmmm I believe so. Such Gullible, fans.

    The drama is very real my friend, that is for the Pacgwire and his fans, (What do we do now)????? I know lets hear Pacquiao in concert sing “Nobodyyyy knowssss the trouble I seeeeeee” “Nobodyyyy knowssss but Jesussss” =D =D =D

    I love how Pac’s crew thought they would actually get away with PED’s, can’t fool true boxing people like the Mayweather’s or me for that matter. Cotto is too good a fighter to be beaten like he was against juiced up Pac of hammers. True boxing fans knew something was up right from the start.

  20. “I know lets hear Pacquiao in concert sing “Nobodyyyy knowssss the trouble I seeeeeee” ”

    ^Amazing. This guy’s posts are getting better with each passing day.

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