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24/7 Mayweather/Mosley – Episode 4

It’s one day before the big fight and the last episode of 24/7, which has been simply superb.

Underneath Eminem’s new single, Not Afraid, there’s a montage of shots of Mayweather running, Mosley watching tape, Richardson praying, and Roger Mayweather thinking.

Money says that he never wants his kids to have to work for anyone.

Mosley says people don’t believe in him and he’s not sure why they count him out. But he believes in him and he thinks he’s going to win.

The drug testing agency comes to test Mosley on Monday, right before they make their drive to Las Vegas. Mosley says that because he’s trying to cut, he doesn’t have a lot of pee. He says that it has been difficult to try and cut weight and then to have to be tested. He’d rather they just take blood.

Mayweather says that he feels good when his dad and uncle are both there. Floyd says you play football and basketball, but you don’t play boxing.

Richardson says that until you’re challenged, they won’t accept that you’re the best. Shane’s his challenge.

Richard Schaefer says that Floyd and Shane are the two best fighters in the world, a clear shot at Manny Pacquiao.

Floyd Sr. tells Shane at the press conference that he’s in trouble. Richardson says it’s a rare occasion when you get two special fighters and that’s what you have for the fight.

The music clearly adds something to this series. HBO has a list of all the songs used in the series on their website.

As a bonus, I’ve embedded the 24/7 Overtime special with Floyd Sr. and Jack Mosley talking about their sons with Jim Lampley.

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