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2010 WWE Over The Limit Play By Play – John Cena Vs. Batista

Last month’s Extreme Rules left a lot to be desired for me. It was the first PPV following the great WrestleMania card and it fell flat. Because of that, I don’t expect much with Over The Limit, which seems to be mostly a rehash of the feuds from the last show. There will probably be some good matches, but already, just two months after Mania, many of these feuds seems stale.

1. Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre

I wish Christian was facing Kofi again from Smackdown a couple of weeks ago. That was a great match. I don’t have high hopes here.

You never want to hear the words “slow the pace down” when talking about an opener and that’s what Michael Cole just said Drew McIntyre is doing. What should we call the move where Kofi leaps crotch first onto the second rope while the guy is in the corner? Testicles corner punches?

It was an ok match, but pretty short. Kofi missed the Trouble in Paradise, got out of Drew’s Future Shock, and then hit the SOS for the pin. I didn’t expect him to win at all.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Matt Hardy came out and hit a Twist of Fate on McIntyre. The match felt like a back drop. I have no idea what they’re doing with Drew McIntyre.

2. R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase Jr.

Virgil is back! And this time in a suit!

Ted Jr. looks especially ripped tonight. Ok, Virgil isn’t in a suit. He’s in slacks and an Under Armor shirt with a coat over it.

Pretty bland match that the crowd just wasn’t into. They were sloppy together as well. They both tried a couple of new things. Truth hit something that looked like a suplex turned into a stunner. Then Truth hit his corkscrew flying elbow and Ted Jr. just didn’t kick out.

Winner: R-Truth

Drew McIntyre just told Teddy Long that he’s more like Martin Luther King Jr. than Teddy would ever be. Um, ok.

3. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

It’s Punk’s hair vs. Rey having to join the SES if he loses.

Early in the match, Punk was busted open. He threw Rey out and into the barber’s chair. They stopped the match for a few minutes because Punk was busted open. The crowd chanted “boring”. Punk must’ve taken it personally because he jumped on Rey and threw him outside and hit a Dynamite Kid suplex on him on the floor.

The match wasn’t super fantastic early on, but it picked up and got great, especially in the last five minutes. Mysterio won after hitting the 619, but missing the splash. Punk fell back onto him for the pin, but Mysterio crucifixed his arms and pinned him. They had terrific chemistry at the end of this match.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

The mystery dude came out and jumped Rey. Then Luke and Serena also came out. Kane came out to save Rey. Rey handcuffed Punk to the second rope and is using the clippers on his sweaty hair. Punk’s fighting back. I’d be worried about getting cut there.

It’s amazing to me that they cut Punk’s hair, without making it mask vs. hair. The booking tonight is just odd.

4. The Hart Dynasty vs. Chris Jericho and The Miz

That was a fun match. But for whatever reason, Detroit wasn’t into The Hart Dynasty. One of the reasons might’ve been that Jericho and Miz got the heat on Harry Boy instead of TJ. When TJ got the hot tag, he did his best to get the crowd fired up, but they never did, not even really until the end.

Miz couldn’t get his hands around Harry’s neck for the full nelson part of the Skull Crushing Finale, but he hit his clothesline in the corner. However, Harry held him in bear hug position and TJ hit the clothesline of the Hart Attack for the win.

Winner: The Hart Dynasty

That’s two really strong matches in a row. Let’s see if Edge and Randy Orton can continue it.

5. Edge vs. Randy Orton

Well, that was unfortunate. The match was terribly boring early on and right when it was about to pick up, Orton started to hold his right forearm and kept holding his arm up. Edge went out of the ring to give him some time and Orton came out to whisper something to him and it seemed right there, that it was decided they were going to go to a double count out.

Winner: No winner

When Orton slammed his fists to the ground, it looked like that’s when he came out lame. Lawler thinks it’s his forearm. I thought it was initially his triceps, but it does look hand or forearm related.

Update: Looks like it’s a separated shoulder according to F4W/Wrestling Observer.

6. Jack Swagger vs. Big Show

If Big Show out mat-wrestles Swagger, we riot.

This match was pitiful. After Show dominating for a few minutes, Swagger torpedoed himself into Show and he finally knocked him down. He ended up getting DQ’d after he just went outside and grabbed the championship belt. Since it wasn’t enough to keep Show down, he got a chair and hit him. Then Show grabbed the chair and put Swagger out sandwiched between two chokeslams and a knockout punch. Waste of time.

Winner: The Big Show

7. Maryse vs. Eve Torres

Maryse’s extensions are out of control. Whatever this was, it was better than the previous match. It looks like they’re allowing Eve to do some pretty creative stuff. She seems athletic enough to do it too. While Maryse was on all fours, Eve sat on her neck and sat down on it, driving Maryse’s head into the mat. Then she rolled her up like AJ does after the Styles Clash.

Winner: Eve Torres

8. Batista vs. John Cena

They need to finish up strong. Batista tried to get him to quit before the match started, but Cena hit him with the microphone.

Cena did one of his trademark power spots, but this time he powered out of Batista’s Rings Of Saturn-like submission. He got to his feet with Batista on his back. That was impressive.

Batista cleared out the monitors on both announcers’ tables and gave Cena a running powerslam through the Spanish announcers’ table.

They went into the crowd and brawled into a section that had a set of stairs to the second deck. Batista teased powerbombing Cena off the deck, but Cena got out of it and guillotined him and Batista took the fall backwards, but there were security guys to catch him.

I’m thinking they fight on top of the cars on the stage, much like Dude Love and Stone Cold Steve Austin did and Cena and The Great Khali did.

The ending was pretty stupid. Batista tried to back up one of the cars into Cena. As if he can quit when he’s dead. Cena moved, grabbed Batista and FU’d him onto the car hood. Batista didn’t quit. Then he got on top of the car and put him on his shoulders. Batista then quit. But Cena still tossed him through the floor from atop the car. Batista rotated way too far and landed on his butt.

Winner: John Cena

As the show was ending, Sheamus kicked Cena.

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