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WrestleMania XXVI Thoughts

Wrestlemania this past Sunday is in the books and while there was a lot to enjoy, it is the epitome of everything WWE, wrestling’s commercialized version of Sesame Street!

The best thing about every Wrestlemania is that when compared to any other major sporting event, it makes the wrestling business big time.  Bound For Glory, Clash of the Champions nor Starrcade ever came close and likely there will never be one that comes close. Ever since Wrestlemania 20, ‘Mania has grown more mainstream and commercial and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This is the night where wrestlers have special entrances, special attires and there are celebrity appearances (not much for this year). The question is will Wrestlemania 26 stand up wrestling quality-wise?

Now onto the show:

Show-Miz defeated Ron Killings and John Morrison

This was definitely too short. It was quite predictable as a way to make the tag champions look strong against the makeshift team.

Randy Orton defeated Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes

I had predicted that Dibiase would turn on Rhodes in this one. The good thing about this match is that it solidified Orton as a “hero” (I prefer that term to babyface just like I prefer “villain” to heel). The bad thing is that it cemented WWE’s booking philosophy of same old’ main event scene. Dibiase and Rhodes looked like idiots in this one. Hopefully WWE can rebuild both stars because this match really hurt them.

Jack Swagger won the Money in the Bank Match

This is WWE’s annual version of a car wreck and it is usually fun. While to me it doesn’t stand up there with the best of them, there were a few really fun moments. I loved it when Kofi Kingston used the pieces of ladder as stilts to try and grab the briefcase. My top three choices for winners were Christian, Kofi Kingston or Drew McIntyre and while all came close, all failed. The real winner was Jack Swagger (who wore a singlet resembling Kurt Angle). Later in the week Swagger would win the Smackdown World Title, which would only hurt the belt’s value as only a week before Swagger was a midcarder.

Triple H beat Sheamus

This was a pretty strong match to me and was a dark horse for the show. I like Triple H out of the main event scene since he is there every year. Sheamus looked really strong in defeat. A few near falls really elevated Sheamus here.

Rey Mysterio defeated CM Punk

Punk has to be one of the top heels in the WWE now. His straight-edge gimmick makes him stand out as unique. He promised he would steal the show but he didn’t even come close. This match was good while it lasted BUT was definitely too short.

Bret Hart defeated Vince McMahon

One of the show’s selling points was the low point of Wrestlemania for me. This match was horrific in every way. Vince McMahon looked like an idiot for trusting the Hart family while Hart looked like a pussy for needing all that help. This squash match was so boring to me and went on way too long. Hopefully we stop hearing about the Montreal Screwjob on WWE and TNA TV.

Chris Jericho defeated Edge to retain the Smackdown World Title

This match should have been a highlight of the show but to me it just didn’t get past first gear. I enjoy the work of both men but the contest was lagging. I couldn’t get into it and didn’t buy into the finish. The fallout was good though with Edge spearing Jericho from atop the announce table.

Vickie’s Team defeated the good Diva team in a 10-Diva Tag

The Mania slump continued with the Diva Match. The most annoying wrestler in the world to me is Michelle McCool. At least Triple H has talent whereas McCool is dating a top star and has NO heat and no skill. She uses AJ Styles’ move and her entrance hoodie. This match couldn’t end quickly enough.

John Cena defeated Batista for the Raw World Title

It took awhile for me to get into this match but I eventually did. I don’t care much for either superstar but this match surprised me for being better than expected. It wasn’t a show stealer but it was fun. Cena wins again…then celebrated with his haters. I loved it!

Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels to end his career

I went out on a limb hoping that HBK wouldn’t retire but I was wrong. I will say I enjoyed this match between the two more than last year’s match as it had more story to it. There were many nearfalls and close calls. To good to narrate to you! Loved the final moments where HBK begged Taker to finish him. The jumping Tombstone was awesome! Thank you Shawn and Taker for another great main event and thank you Shawn for many great years of wrestling.


HBK vs Taker carried the show once again. The Triple Threat through Mysterio vs Punk was fun but then we got a three match bad slump of boredom. The PPV was topped off on a really high note. 60$ worth is questionable but for Wrestlemania it was enjoyable

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