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WEC 48: Aldo Vs. Faber – Prelims Live Play By Play

I’ll be blogging the live prelim show in this post, and then create a second post for the PPV show.

Arco Arena looks pretty full already. There’s no WEC or UFC logos, but the mat is blue, like usual for WEC.

1. Alex Karalexis vs. Anthony Pettis

Pettis landed an early kick that gave you the idea that he could make short work of Karalexis, but then Karalexis caught his next kick and threw him down for some nice ground and pound. Pettis also starting nailing Karalexis with leg kicks causing him to already try and switch stances.

After getting taken down, Pettis sunk in a triangle and was pounding on his head with punches. Karalexis had to tap. It looked like the triangle was coming too.

Winner: Anthony Pettis by way of 2nd round submission

2. Chad Mendes vs. Anthony Morrison

Morrison stuck his head in a guillotine and Mendes tapped him out very early in the first.

Winner: Chad Mendes by way of 1st round submission

3. Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung

The fight started with some wild striking by both guys. Garcia was able to land some big knees to the body, and for the most part, the guys missed the biggest shots. Jung is getting the better of the stand-up and Garcia is trying to land a haymaker. Garcia went down and Jung followed up with some ground and pound and Garcia grabbed an arm. Jung won the round. He also looks like he’s going to finish Garcia if he continues. Garcia looks exhausted.

The second round started with more wild striking. Garcia actually rocked Jung and it looked like Jung was going to go down, but he’s the Korean Zombie. They both missed spinning back fists. Jung got him down and got his back and put the body triangle on Garcia. Garcia turned into it and they both got back up. Garcia went to throw a flying knee but Jung stepped back so he turned it into a superman punch. At the end of the round, Jung landed five or six in a row and Garcia kept his hands down and smiled for whatever reason. This fight is crazy.

Garcia was on his horse backpedaling. Jung seemed to be a bit frustrated with him after the first two rounds. Jung was landing the cleaner and more technical shots while Garcia was swinging wildly. The third round wasn’t as good as the first two rounds until the last minute or so. Tough round to call. I’d go Jung just because he was landing the cleaner shots, but Garcia helped make this fight. He also blocks every shot with his face.

Winner: Leonard Garcia by way of split decision

I’m starting the PPV play by play in a new post.

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