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Watch Fight Camp 360 – Episode 5

This episode takes us behind the scenes of the controversial Abraham vs. Dirrell fight. We see the first signs of dissension between the promoters. Then we take a look ahead as Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler prepare for their big fight showdown in Denmark on April 24th.
Another must see broadcast.
Click link below for video.

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3 thoughts on “Watch Fight Camp 360 – Episode 5

  1. I want to see this, but I think I’ll wait until this weekend when I can watch it in HD. Good find Duan.

  2. I’m interested in seeing what you think of it. I thought this was some real top quality stuff.

  3. Save for the first one and part of the second, where they seemed a bit herky jerky to me, they’re on par with 24/7.

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