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UFC Fight Night Play By Play – Kenny Florian Vs. Takanori Gomi

Originally I heard that by bringing in Takanori Gomi, the UFC was trying to set up a fight between him and BJ Penn. But then they decided to match him up with Kenny Florian who is just a small step below the greatness of Penn. I’m not so sure Gomi is going to get that fight with Penn.

This fight night card is the precursor to The Ultimate Fighter Season 11.

1. Dennis Siver vs. Ross Pearson

Strong first round for both guys. Siver stood toe-to-toe with Pearson and they both landed some heavy shots. Pearson was able to get him down and worked the body triangle to get his back and when he turned over, he tried for some ground and pound. It looked like Siver was cut. But Siver got back on his feet and landed some good shots.

Siver threw a Cung Le spinning back kick that landed. Pearson threw a flying left knee that landed glancingly. Even tough not much damage was landed by either guy, Pearson controlled the stand-up and was just quicker with his strikes and in and out more. Siver looks like a 155 pound Brock Lesnar facially.

Pearson landed a nice one-two combination and he followed through so well on his right hand, he fell right into a takedown. Siver wasn’t able to hold him down and was taken down himself. Pearson was just quicker to the punches, though Siver did get a quick takedown to try to steal the third round.

Winner: Ross Pearson by way of unanimous decision

Hey, Jeff Hardy is in the crowd. At least we know there will be a great after party.

2. Nate Quarry vs. Jorge Rivera

Jeez, Jorge Rivera has been in the UFC forever.

Jorge Rivera put a whippin’ on Nate Quarry in the first round. He dropped him a few times, opened him up and gave him a crimson mask, and owned the round. The first two minutes weren’t anything special, but the last three minutes were good. Quarry has come back from beatings and won before. Rivera couldn’t finish him.

Rivera rocked him with a counter right, put him down with a left, and finished him. Nate just looked slow and robotic tonight. Well, he always looks slow and robotic I guess.

Winner: Jorge Rivera by way of 2nd round TKO

Right before the Roy Nelson and Stefan Struve fight, the lights went out in the building so they are showing us a fight from earlier in the evening.

3. Caol Uno vs. Gleison Tibau

Tibau looks huge compared to Uno. He knocked Uno down and followed up and nearly finished him, but couldn’t, but then a minute later just did that. Very one-sided fight.

Winner: Gleison Tibau by way of 1st round TKO

4. Stefan Struve vs. Roy Nelson

If it’s possible, Nelson looks fatter than ever. Maybe it’s because he’s standing next to Struve, who looks like one-half of a pair of stilts.

Nelson buckled Struve with a huge right hand and he followed him up on the ground and it was over. Looks like he may have broken Struve’s nose.

Winner: Roy Nelson by way of 1st round TKO

5. Takanori Gomi vs. Kenny Florian

Florian looked great on the feet, specifically with his lead right hand jab. He peppered Gomi with it all round long.

The second round was similar, though Gomi looked like he was defending the punches better. He even landed a couple of his own shots to the body. Boring round though.

Gomi landed his best shot of the fight, but then was taken down. Florian went for an arm triangle and it looked good, but once he got the mount, he gave it up. Gomi gave up his back and Floridan sunk in the rear naked.

Winner: Kenny Florian by way of 3rd round submission

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6 thoughts on “UFC Fight Night Play By Play – Kenny Florian Vs. Takanori Gomi

  1. Season 11 of TUF.

    Florian looked great. Second best 155’er around and a damn shame he has to fight in the Penn era.

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