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Top 8 Reasons To Watch (Or Not) Impact At 8

Here’s the video that Big D was talking about on last night’s FGB Radio (which you can listen at the top of the home page). It’s not only as bad as he said it was. It’s worse.

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7 thoughts on “Top 8 Reasons To Watch (Or Not) Impact At 8

  1. If I was planning on watching this show (which I wasn’t), I would have changed my mind upon seeing that. That was one of the most cringe worthy things I have ever seen.

    Do you know why people tune into WWE? It’s because when they put together things like this they promote stuff that people are actually interested in.

    Absolutely clueless.
    Just please go out of business and stop wasting people’s time.

  2. This video is a legit embarrassment. It makes Wrestlelicious look legitimate. Everything about it makes the company look second rate, almost as if they are begging for attention that they won’t get.

  3. My brother told me about this video when we were on our way to the ROH show… and its just as bad as he said it was.

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