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Tito Ortiz Arrested (Updated)

There are many outlets citing a TMZ report which states that Tito Ortiz was arrested today on felony domestic violence charges.

A later post stated that Jenna Jameson was going to press charges, so it would seem that his arrest was the result of charges that he was violent towards her, who he shares a house with. He’s also the father of her twin boys.

There’s not much else that’s been communicated, but I imagine we’ll hear a lot more in the upcoming days.

Update: 4/27/10 – 7:30AM

At a press conference, Tito Ortiz’s lawyer alleged that Jenna Jameson had an OxyContin relapse, and that was the reason for their situation. They didn’t really answer the reasons as to why he was arrested. It seems that their side is that maybe she got angry because he asked her about the OxyContin.

Watch below:

Update: 4/29/10 – 3:00PM

It looks like both Tito and Jenna are pulling back on their original statements. Let’s hope this is the end of it.

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3 thoughts on “Tito Ortiz Arrested (Updated)

  1. I’m really trying not to be insensitive to this situation…..but did anyone honestly ever think this relationship was going to have a happy ending?

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