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The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 – Team Liddell Vs. Team Ortiz Episode 5

Minority Report is trying to figure out who could be the wild card. With Rich’s spot open and the one wild card spot open they’re looking at two guys who already lost to take those spots.

Tito looks like a mastermind picking the next fight. Well, a mastermind with a humongous head. He chooses Kris McCray vs. Josh Bryant. He wanted to choose a fight in which he thought his guy could shut the other guy down.

Josh says he’s 11-0. Chuck says he’s an interesting guy, but he’s tough. He said Josh was happy cutting weight and he’s never seen someone like that before while cutting weight.

Kris says he’s 5-0 in a pro and his last few fights ended in 39 seconds.

Clayton McKinney had to have surgery on his shoulder, so it doesn’t look like he was BSing. And why did his doctor tell him it was a bone bruise?

Chuck’s going to miss the fight again. Josh says he isn’t nervous and thinks the fight is very winnable.

Josh Bryant vs. Kris McCray

McCray says not to change the channel. That means this is going to be boring.

It was a slow motion grappling match early on. Bryant looks tired and maybe it’s from his weight cutting. He was dead-weighting McCray on his takedown attempts so even when he did get him down, it was in slow motion. Bryant turned him over on one and tried to get a rear naked choke. Mostly McCray’s round.

Bryant won this round easily. He was first with the strikes and hit McCray well a few times. But like McCray, his grappling was pretty pedestrian. He worked off his back for a lot of the second half of the round and held his own, but it was mostly because McCray didn’t try to do anything. He hung out in Bryant’s loose guard and just threw punches, but in doing so, was getting hit even more. Weird strategy.

There will be a third round. For the first three minutes, it was pathetic. Just two tired guys against the cage. One guy trying half-heartedly to take the other guy down. The other guy just not moving so he doesn’t get taken down. Then, McCray tries another takedown, gets stuffed, and Bryant ends up on top. He manuevers him into a sick rear naked where he pulls McCray down with him on his back and McCray’s legs are pinned underneath the both of him, like he’s stretching out both quads. If both guys aren’t sweaty, Bryant secures it and it’s over. But he can’t get it. Right as the round ends, he’s about to secure an armbar. McCray is saved by the bell.

Bryant’s fight all the way.

Winner: Josh Bryant by way of unanimous decision

Tito says that Chuck’s lucky. Next week, Chuck and Tito play dodge ball.

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