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The Aftermath – Strikeforce: Nashville

To say that Strikeforce Nashville wasn’t well-liked by the FGB crew would be a severe understatement. Based on the feedback, except for Alan and I, no one enjoyed a thing about it.

Here’s what we had to say about the show:

Thumbs Down
Best Fight: N/A
Worst Fight: Every fight

I find that when UFC put two title fights on a show it just doesn’t really work, so I really questioned the logic behind Strikeforce going ahead with three on a CBS broadcast. It was a huge risk to take, and for me it came of as a complete disaster. Three dull fights, all going to five round decisions, with one round usually indistinguishable from the next. I found it difficult to sit through, so it must have killed most of the casual fans.

The end of show brawl was a complete embarrassment. Anyone who thinks that was good for business is an idiot. It just confirmed all the stereotypes people have about MMA, and made the Strikeforce’s stars look like a bunch of hooligans.

Thumbs In The Middle
Best Fight: Shinya Aoki vs. Gilbert Melendez
Worst Fight: King Mo vs. Gegard Mousasi
(although all three were pretty even to me as far as my enjoyment)

I think I’m the only person on earth that enjoyed those three fights. I must have just been in good spirits yesterday. And I thought the ending was hilarious. Those damn Diaz’s – they never cease to deliver a new level of crazy.

Cactus Jim
Thumbs Down
Best Fight: N/A
Worst Fight: Every fight

I didn’t enjoy any of the fights and thought the show was absolute shit. My DVR cut off a couple minutes into round 5 of the Shields/Henderson fight so I missed the brawl. Based on what I read the brawl made the show an even bigger disgrace than the utterly boring fights made it in and of themselves. I’ve been a long time fan of Nick Diaz’s fights, but this being the second in ring brawl he’s been involved in really makes me wonder why anyone would let him near a ring. Great way to rep the company that gave you a second chance and made you a champion. It’s an organized fight organization not some bullshit Stockton toughman contest. The guy is as big an idiot as he sounds in his interviews.

Thumbs Down
Best Fight: None
Worst Fight: None

All three fights were so similar I don’t think my enjoyment (or discontent) flickered one way or another. I didn’t hate anything too severely, nor did I love anything either. The show was noteworthy for a few things, but the way those things were attained were all wrong. King Mo beating Gegard Mousasi is a huge deal. On an exciting show, we’re talking about how King Mo persevered and had huge heart in beating someone people thought was unbeatable. Most folks I talked to thought Dan Henderson was going to beat Jake Shields. It should’ve been a big deal for Shields, but because of how he won, and because of how boring this show was, it wasn’t. It was just a weird night capped off by Mayhem Miller getting jumped in the cage and people being angry with Miller. That made it more weird.

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2 thoughts on “The Aftermath – Strikeforce: Nashville

  1. I was looking at the numbers today. Not very good. Despite having 3 belts on the line, the card’s ratings actually dipped.

    Strikeforce may be in some trouble.

  2. Hardcore MMA fan card. No Fedor, no Hersh, no Bobby Lashley and it shows that Dan Henderson can’t draw by himself.

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