Strikeforce Nashville Play By Play – Dan Henderson Vs. Jake Shields

The show starts with a long intro from Gus Johnson, Mauro Ranello, and Frank Shamrock, but there’s a bed of annoying music playing underneath. It makes everything they say sound so hokey. The little jingle is going to be in my head all day long.

1. King Mo vs. Gegard Mousasi

Mo’s goal was to get the takedown off the bat and he succeeded, but according to the announcers, Mousasi said he wanted the fight going there so Mo could tire himself out. Mousasi’s corner said that Mo was so tired already that they could see his heart beating outside of his back. Whatever that means. Mo won the round as he got two takedowns, but Mousasi looked very comfortable from his back. Mo was aggressive, but never fell into his guard. He was throwing shots from up top and never really got inside.

The second round was very similar. Mo immediately scored a takedown, but he couldn’t do anything from his top position. Mousasi was tagging him from the bottom. But Mo stayed aggressive even though he was eating punches and upkicks. Mousasi got his back late in the round, but couldn’t finish the choke before the round ended.

They started the round on their feet and both guys were getting shots in, but Mousasi’s looked a little sharper and Mo did look a bit tired. The fight went back to the ground with a leg trip from Mo and he kept on it and actually looked like the less tired fight from the top, which wasn’t the case in the first two rounds. Either Mousasi is playing possum or Mo has tired him out. Mo’s up two rounds to one.

This is a pretty interesting fight because of the styles and experience, but I wonder how the casuals see it. I have a feeling they see this as a boring fight. They both didn’t do much this round. Mo got the takedown and Mousasi worked from his back. Neither really advanced their position and they just seemed tired. I’m not exactly sure what Mousasi is trying to do. He’s letting this fight slip away. The announcers are trying to tell us that Mousasi is doing work from his back, but really, Mo is in the dominant position, pushing the pace, and making this fight go the way he wants it to go.

Mo started the fifth with another takedown. Big John docked Mousasi a point for throwing an upkick while Mo was on his knees. I don’t think he even touched him. Mo’s just using his wrestling skill now to push Mousasi around on his back. Mousasi got back up and Mo put him back down. Mo fought a brilliant fight. And he’s going to win it. This is a much more dominating performance to upset a champion than Frankie Edgar beating BJ, but, they did similar things. They both stayed in their lane, forced the fight to their style, and didn’t allow the champion to get comfortable at all.

Winner: King Mo by unanimous decision

Mo won 49-45 on all three scorecards which is exactly what I had.

2. Shinya Aoki vs. Gilbert Melendez

Aoki scratched Melendez in the eye early in the fight with a paw counter to a punch. Aoki grabbed onto Melendez’s arms to try and pull him down and quickly went for an armbar, but Melendez got into his guard and pushed him up against the cage. Aoki landed a nice kick, but there wasn’t much more action. It’s going to be interesting how they score that round.

Melendez’s round. Aoki was able to suck him into his guard three times and wasn’t able to do anything. Melendez was the one who was popping him from the top, and then getting out of there.

Mauro interviewed Jake Shields. Let’s just say that Jake could use promo lessons from Paul Heyman.

Aoki is doing his best Antonio Inoki impersonation by scooting on his rear end, trying to get Melendez to come down with him. But every time he does that, Gilbert times a big right hand before getting down there. I think Aoki underestimated how strong Gil is. He can’t do much with him on his back. Of course, we’re waiting for that submission out of no where.

Melendez is really using his boxing in this round. The head is bobbin’, he’s in and out and side to side, and he’s following up a jab with a right hand to the body. Aoki was sliding on his butt again and Melendez landed a huge right hand. Referee Mario Yamasaki warned Melendez because he said he was about to step in and stand them up. That was Yamasaki’s fault. The fight might’ve been over if Melendez was allowed to continue pounding.

It was all Melendez in the final round. Aoki didn’t have any answer for him. Near the end of the round, he put Aoki on his back by chasing him down and then the round ended. Because Aoki is always trying to fall to his back, I couldn’t really tell what kind of shot it was, or if he just went to the ground easily because that’s what he does. This is an easy decision for Gilbert.

Winner: Gilbert Melendez by way of unanimous decision

I don’t think this is what CBS wanted when they scheduled these fights, but they had to expect a grappling battle in the last fight.

They showed highlights of Mayhem Miller pounding out Tim Stout. His win sets up a fight with Robbie Lawler in June.

3. Dan Henderson vs. Jake Shields

Hendo opened up with a huge right hand that put Shields down. It was almost as if hitting the mat woke him up. He looked out. Henderson is just too big and strong for him. Shields is either scared, or he’s just so surprised that he’s being manhandled. I’m not sure if Hendo got tired, or if he didn’t want to fight recklessly. It seemed like he could’ve finished him but he didn’t.

If round one was a Hendo round, round two was a Shields round. He got Henderson down, mounted him and was hitting him with shot after shot for a big portion of that round.

Third round was just like the second round, but Shields went for an arm bar at the end of the round. I’m not sure what happened to Hendo. He looks like a completely different fighter.

In the first round, Dan Henderson looked young and spry, much like he looked against Michael Bisping. And in the next four rounds, Shields has owned him completely. What an amazing job so far by Shields.

Shields did it again. He dominated him for four straight rounds. He had a knee bar on Henderson at the end of fight. Dan Henderson looked really old by the end of this fight.

Winner: Jake Shields by way of unanimous decision

Jason Miller came into the cage to ask for his rematch and then something happened and he was jumped. I’m not sure if he hit Jake or said something to Jake because the feed cut out. And then guys just started pounding on him.

On replay, Gilbert Melendez pushed him out of the way and then Shields did as well. Then the idiot Diaz brothers started to get in and throw shots. What a terrible display. First off, all the fights are near boring, though all very interesting, and then you get the goof ball action at the end of the fight.

What’s silly is that Miller was definitely going into his own, but this show needed something. Jake Shields doesn’t seem to get what makes a star and he’s really no bigger in beating Hendo than he’s ever been. It was a great performance, but a boring performance as well. Oh well. You can’t win for winning sometimes.

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