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Powerful Motivation – Mayweather/Mosley Preview by Kaelan Hollon

Kaelan Hollon, friend of FGB, has given me permission to publish her poetic words.

Here’s her preview of this weekend’s super fight, Floyd Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley:

Physically, it’s merely a larger mallet on the club which separates the two fighters. Both Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather mirror each other in nearly every measurement; identically toned, a matching wingspan, perhaps a half inch of difference in the shape of one’s bicep, another’s thigh. Until you glance down and realize that Sugar has strapped on a side of beef to his wrists which results in an extra 6” total of girth over Mayweather’s comparatively kittenish maws. And does it matter? It would make for a glorious knockout, and those powerful hands are a testament to Mosley’s fighting style. In terms of physics, the force of Mosley’s punch will be spread over a greater surface – consider a pin hammer hitting you with the same force of a sledgehammer, and you’ll get my drift. But those great ham hocks strapped into pristine leather gloves will first have to find what is proving to be one of the hardest targets in boxing.

But will those hands, that unbroken record, matter? Has the pressure of remaining unbeaten started to eat at Mayweather, as he enters the august of his career? Has Mosley’s time off and personal battles been irreparable? Will the fight go to decision as nearly everyone with a fighting man’s brain cell suggests, or will we sit through those twelve rounds waiting like children for a great Santa Claus of a knockout, for the burst of a great man falling against the mat?

Both applause and curtsies are due to HBO for rejuvenating the hyperbole and drama surrounding boxing, for of late no MMA title matches can compare to Mayweather’s commanding PPV presence. And while Mayweather is nearly universally agreed upon to be a better boxer, Mosley has within him a motivation unlike his rival. In the words of Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, “I wanted to destroy something beautiful I’d never have.” For Mosely, that would be Mayweather’s perfect record. And that’s a powerful motivation, indeed.

I’ll go with Bert Sugar’s prediction for Mosley by decision.

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