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Montiel Stuns Hasegawa In Tokyo (Update Now With Video)

In the first major bout of a huge weekend for Boxing, the worlds number one bantamweight Hozumi Hasegawa (28-3) was just stopped in the forth round by Mexico’s Fernando Montiel (41-2-2).

Hasegawa started out strong, and was dominating the fight up until getting caught with a couple of huge hooks in the forth. He slumped back against the ropes, and Montiel was quick to follow up unloading with shot after shot until the ref called a halt to the action awarding him the TKO. Montiel now adds Hasegawa’s WBC belt to his own WBO title.

In the main support bout, WBC super bantamweight champion Toshiaki Nishioka (36-4-3) battered the inexperienced and outmatched Balweg Bangoyan(15-1) scoring a 5th round stoppage. Britain’s Rendall Munroe has been waiting in line for a shot at Nishioka for a long time now. Last Friday he won another WBC title eliminator fight, so perhaps now that fight can be finally made.

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2 thoughts on “Montiel Stuns Hasegawa In Tokyo (Update Now With Video)

  1. I’m really starting to wonder about ranking any Japanese fighter at #1 in any striking sport at any weight. Time and again I see these guys getting beaten at their own game by fighters from Mexico, Brazil, the United States, et cetera. I love the Land of the Rising Sun as much or more than any otaku out there (pass me the sushi and the Akira DVD) but I really think the current standards of toughness in martial arts has passed Japan by. If we’re going to see a return to dominance, at least in MMA, Japanese fighters are going to have to train outside their home country and accept the practice of cutting weight to fight big in a smaller weight class.

  2. In regards to weight cutting in MMA, you are definitely right. It has become a huge part of the sport. Personally, I don’t think that is for the better. I find it a pity that physical strength dominates skill to such a degree in the modern game. If you look at any of the successful MMA guys in the U.S, they are all enormous at their weight. I think it’s disappointing that smaller guys, no matter how talented, just get overwhelmed by the big wrestler types. Obviously there are a few exceptions, but as a general rule you need to be cutting 15+ pounds to even be competitive..

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