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Live Results: B-Hop Vs. Roy Jones Volume 2

This is the second half of our big Boxing double header tonight at FGB, as Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones do battle once more seventeen years on from their first fight. This match up has been pretty much lambasted by most of the boxing world, but I’m a little less critical of it than most. Although Jones is way past his best, this isn’t the worst match up for him at this stage of his career. His chin is what has been predominantly letting him down in recent years, and Hopkins hasn’t knocked anyone out since De La Hoya in 2004. I expect Hopkins to win, but I don’t see it being the sound thrashing that most do. To be honest, I’m becoming somewhat intrigued as the fight draws closer.

Ismayl Sillakh vs. Daniel Judah
Sillakh blasted out Judah in the second round to progress to 12-0 with 11 Knockouts. Judah has mixed with some quality opposition, going the distance with Glen Johnson in his last fight, so this was a really good showing from the Ukrainian. One to watch at light heavyweight.

Frankie Gomez vs. Clayvonne Howard
This was a prelim that they have time to squeeze in because of the early KO in the opener. I’m delighted that they chose to show this. This is the much hyped pro debut of Gomez. I picked this guy out as a tremendous prospect back when he was still an amateur, so we are going to be keeping a close eye on him here at FGB. He won by third round TKO against a game and durable opponent in Howard. There were definitely some big fight jitters for Gomez, but he settled in quickly, and his style has transferred over well to the paid ranks. This guy will be a world champion; just remember where you heard that.

Sergio Mora vs. Calvin Green
Mora blew away the cobwebs from a long lay off with a 7th round stoppage of Calvin Green. Green was game despite being completely out of his depth. They fought at a pretty frantic pace, and it ended up being a much better action fight than you would expect.

Ray Narh vs. Angel Hernandez
More Prelim action. Narh smashed up Hernandez in the second round. He moves up to 24-1.

Rocky Juarez vs. Jason Litzau
Litzau scored a mild upset taking a controversial technical decision after seven round. Juarez was listless in the early going, but looked to be finally warming to the task in the 6th and 7th rounds. Momentum seemed to be shifting in his favour when a clash of heads opened a pretty bad cut below Litzau’s eye. While it was relatively deep, it wasn’t in a bad position, and didn’t look to be of any real danger. The doctor deemed he couldn’t continue, so it went to the cards. Scores were 68-65, 67-66, 67-66 all in favour of Litzau.

Bernard Hopkins vs. Roy Jones Jr
OK..main event time.
It would be generous to give Jones one round at the half way point. Hopkins is backing him up against the ropes, and fighting on the inside. Jones is doing essentially nothing. There was a moment of controversy in the 6th when Jones hit Hopkins in the back of the head. B-hop stayed down for a long time, and the ref took a point from Jones. When the fight restarted the two abandoned strategy and started to brawl. They Kept brawling after the bell and had to be pulled apart by their respective corners.

Another rabbit punch in the 8th and again Hopkins stays down, but no deduction this time. This fight has gotten pretty dirty. Both are fouling, but Jones is being much less subtle about it. Hopkins gets mad and comes out winging shots each time it happens.

Richardson is telling Hopkins to get him out of there prior to the 10th round. A low blow now from Jones, and Hopkins takes another breather.

The ref warns Hopkins about holding going into the 11th. Now there is a headbutt which opens a cut on Jones.

Last round, short of something truly miraculous by Jones, Hopkins is taking this one big. This may have set a new record for most illegal blows ever in one fight, but that is about as newsworthy as it got. The crowd booed as the fight drew to a close
Winner: Hopkins UD
117-110, 117-110, 118-109

Both guys were respectful to each other in the post fight interview. Hopkins issued a challenge to David Haye for the heavyweight title.

Jones hinted that a retirement may finally be on the cards saying he will go back home and talk it over with his family.

A truly dismal fight.

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12 thoughts on “Live Results: B-Hop Vs. Roy Jones Volume 2

  1. How about that, Cotto hiring Emmanuel Stewart. He will absolutely change Cotto for the better with regards to form balance and defense.

  2. While I don’t have that conviction that you do, I do think Roy is going to make a fight out of this. He’s issues have come against big punchers, and really busy guys who can outwork him. Hopkins is neither of these things. I figure Jones can hold up pretty well in a tactical boxing match.

    If you call it correct, we will have to give you credit for dropping that bit of knowledge.

  3. Jones has to do something so that the people who paid money for this fight feel like they got some entertainment.

  4. Hopkins won this time around and good for him but it was very short of what he said he was going to do. Taking everything into account Roy is old now and if this doesn’t tell him to retire what will???

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