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Knockout Of The Year?

This is the conclusion to tonight’s heavyweight European title bout as Audley Harrison takes on Michael Sprott for the vacant belt. The two met before in 2007 where Sprott won by brutal third round KO. Harrison, a gold medalist from the Sydney Olympics, promised to avenge the loss here or else retire.

We pick up the action in the tenth round with Sprott narrowly ahead on the score cards. Harrison has been fighting one handed since sustaining a shoulder injury early in the fight. It’s still all to play for with both fighters in desperate need of the win. I promise you this is one of the most dramatic finishes you will see.

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3 thoughts on “Knockout Of The Year?

  1. That was amazing. It was like a no-look pass in basketball. He looked like he was going to go to the body and then went to the head. Woah.

  2. Yeah, Harrison is one of those fighters. I have always liked the guy, but his career has been incredibly frustrating to follow.

    He’s got such incredible natural talent, but there has always been something in his make up that just holds him back. I think that it’s partly due to an unwillingness to listen and learn.

    After about 7 rounds I just didn’t think he had it in him to turn it a round, and there really would have been no way back for big Aud had he lost this fight. I couldn’t believe it. I legitimately leapt out of my seat at the finish. It took him 12 rounds to find it, but my God what a punch it was.

    I have to say fairplay to the guy. People have always questioned his heart/dedication, but he definitely showed something to dig deep and pull this one out of the bag. That European title has traditionally been a good stepping stone to a shot at the WBC world title (currently belonging to Vitali Klitschko)

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