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HBO Boxing – Sergio Martinez Vs. Kelly Pavlik

These guys are tied together by Paul Williams. Kelly Pavlik was supposed to fight Paul Williams a couple of different times, and Pavlik had to pull out of the fight. His replacement was Sergio Martinez who gave Williams as much as anyone has ever given him. Williams pulled out the decision in a very close fight. Now, Pavlik is back to take on not Williams, but Martinez. Pavlik is over eighteen pounds heavier than his original weigh-in from the previous day. He really needs to move up in weight as I can’t imagine him making this much longer.

On the first half of the HBO doubleheader, Lucian Bute knocked out Edison Miranda in the third round with an uppercut. Just seconds before, Miranda put his hands on his hips as if to say that Bute can’t hurt him and then was knocked out. It was beautiful. I wondered why Miranda got the shot, and then remembered that all the rest of the super middleweights are in the Super Six.

Sergio Martinez vs. Kelly Pavlik

Martinez did a good job at countering Pavlik and even opened up a slight cut over his right eye from a right hook. Pavlik is trying to get accustomed to his speed. Martinez went down, but it wasn’t from a punch and not called a knock down.

More of the same from Martinez. This is going to be a game of, “Can Kelly catch Sergio.” So far, he hasn’t really. Another solid round from Martinez.

Pavlik did a much better job closing in on Martinez this round. He hit Martinez solidly a couple of times and didn’t seem to be in such a panic.

Martinez was having fun with him. He shucked his shoulders, wound up his arms a couple of times, and was quicker to the punch. It seems like the kind of stuff that would mentally mess with Pavlik. I have it 3-1 for Martinez so far.

Pavlik landed a nice straight left that caught an unbalanced Martinez. Martinez now has a mouse underneath his right eye.

It was another strong Pavlik round, though Martinez was never hurt. Pavlik is starting time Martinez much better now and looks to be in control, even if i have the fight even so far.

Martinez was caught with a short right and went down. He tried to play it off like he was pushed down, but it was a clear knockdown. He was caught off-balanced. Their feet tangled up near the end of the round and he went down again. Had to be a frustrating round for Martinez. The fight is slipping away from him.

(The replay showed that Pavlik had his hand over the back of his neck, holding Martinez before the knockdown.)

Martinez looked a bit more inspired and maybe more urgent, but Pavlik still controlled the round. But Martinez picked up the pace again and it changed the pace of the round.

Brilliant round by Sergio. He picked up the pace and if judges ever gave 10-8 rounds from non-knockdown rounds, this could be one. Martinez hit him with a barrage of punches and opened up the cut on Pavlik’s eye.

I’m not sure that Martinez did any sort of damage o him whatsoever, but he’s overwhelming Pavlik with shots. Pavlik can’t get off and his face is a bloody mess. I have it 95-94 Pavlik and the momentum is quickly switching.

Martinez won the round again in my book. Just way more active and controlling where the fight is going. He stole the end of the round too. I have the fight straight up now. If he fights this way, he’ll win the fight on my card.

I have Martinez winning the last round and the fight. This thing is going to be close.

Winner: Sergio Martinez by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 115-111, 116-111, and 115-112. I think they mentioned at the top of the show that Pavlik has a rematch clause. He needs to figure out how to shrink the ring to beat this guy.

I had it 114-113 for Martinez.

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3 thoughts on “HBO Boxing – Sergio Martinez Vs. Kelly Pavlik

  1. Kelly only had a punchers chance against Martinez. Martinez boxed the hell off Pavlik’s face which now tells us all that Paul Williams would have a field day with Pavlik.

    Hopkins gave everyone in the middle weight division the blue print on how to beat Pavlik, so I am not in any way surprised that a boxer like Martinez who gave a great fight to Paul Williams would beat Slow Flat footed Pavlik.

    Martinez (The GhostBuster) came out on top because he has a chin and boxes 10 times better then Pavlik could ever box. I’m happy for Martinez I hope he gets a rematch with Williams.

    Pavlik should move into 175-180 weight in order to be affective with the his style. Kelly needs to work on his speed and stamina to revive his career. My advice is Pavlik should call Hopkins and Richardson for help since Hopkins seems to like him.

  2. I don’t know depends on who faces Pavlik and if he worked on speed and stamina. Another thing is would Kelly be more powerful or not in the higher weights it is all to be seen. Hopefully he gets on the right track.

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