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Aftermath – UFC 112: Invincible

UFC 112: Invincible is now in the books and the show will indeed be remembered for a long time – but probably for the wrong reasons. It was the first UFC event in the middle east, broadcast live from Abu Dhabi. Never before has a main event angered UFC President Dana White quite as much as this one. We have full coverage right here on FGB. In addition, Frankie Edgar shocked the world by beating the invincible champion BJ Penn to capture the UFC Lightweight Championship in a somewhat controversial 5 round decision. Controversy was definitely the appropro word for this event.

Cactus Jim
Thumbs in the middle.
Best – Grove versus Munoz
Worst – Gracie versus Hughes

The show started off great with the first 3 fights delivering quality entertainment. The Hughes versus Gracie fight stunk things up and stalled any momentum the card had gained. Penn versus Edgar was fun to watch, although I didn’t agree with the judges scores. The first few rounds of the main event were entertaining, although not at all competitive. The last 3 rounds were just terrible. The fights I was looking forward to failed to deliver, but the earlier fights saved the card from being a complete debacle. So next fight we’ll see Silva cut to 170 rather than see Georges come up. It’ll be interesting, but not as interesting as Georges at 185 or a catch weight somewhere in between. Penn should get a rematch in his next fight. I have a feeling that he and Edgar will each fight someone else before they meet again. Bring on Strikeforce on April 17!


Thumbs down
Best fight: Kendall Grove vs. Mark Munoz
Worst fight: Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia

If we could’ve ended the show after Phil Davis sunk an arm bar onto a pasty foe, I would’ve been happy. Would it have been $45 worth? No. But the last three fights were worth less than the first three. I don’t have any reason to dislike Frankie Edgar. He and his team had a brilliant plan. But now, I can see other contenders deciding to play patty cake with champs and hoping to fool the judges like he fooled the judges. I really wonder what the deal with BJ was though. He decided to play counter puncher all night long with no impulse to even try to finish the fight.

It’s Matt Hughes, wrestler extraordinaire. It’s Renzo Gracie, jiu-jitsu specialist. And they’re going to box like 4th street bums. Live on Pay-Per-View! And the less I say about Anderson Silva, the better. My 9-year old thought he was hilarious in the first and second round. And by the fourth he said, “This is the worst fight I’ve ever seen.” Anderson Silva can’t even entertain 9-year olds.

4 Thumbs Down
Best fight: Grove versus Munoz
Worst fight: Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia

The last few UFC cards that I was critical of had nothing on this one. None of the major fights delivered at all. I will give Penn/Edgar a pass just because it was so close and there was an element of tension throughout, but it was a pretty mundane five rounder. Hughes/Gracie only showed us that both these guys need to retire immediately, and the Silva fight was a complete fiasco. An awful show. AVOID


Thumbs in the middle
Best Fight: Edgar vs. Penn
Worst Fight: Silva vs. Maia

I was more than fine with everything leading up to the main event, and I REALLY liked the LW title fight (thought it was a classic game of chess). So even the shitefest that was Silva’s fight couldn’t force my thumb down.

Big D
Thumbs Down
Best Fight: Kendall Grove vs. Mark Munoz
Worst Fight: Silva vs. Maia

Okay so, Hughes and Gracie are both old and I predicted this fight being boring numerous times. Renzo Gracie hasn’t been anywhere near his peak since 2004 and Hughes is on the decline, but at least they had an excuse. Words cannot describe my anger with Anderson Silva tonight and quite frankly it seems like the MMA world is echoing my thoughts. Dana White, for the first time ever, threw down the UFC Middleweight Title and walked out in the fourth round watching Silva dance around like an idiot. Dana White said it best about Edgar/Penn “BJ fought Frankie’s fight” and that was certainly true. Frankie was the MAN standing and scored 2 very awesome takedowns. BJ is definitely worthy of a rematch. Grove and Munoz entertained as did Don Anjos. Regardless, the main event left a sour taste in my mouth. UFC has only had one good show this year thusfar: not good.

Let’s hope UFC 113 is better.

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