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24/7 Mayweather/Mosley – Episode 2

The show opens with Mayweather telling Mosley that he’s definitely talented, but Mayweather is “god-gifted”. Naazim Richardson says that Mayweather was protected in the streets because his dad and uncle were fighters. I’m trying to remember when Floyd said he was a street fighter.

While watching an old Mayweather fight, Richardson says that they should show him hitting the pads because he’s boring. He says non-Mayweather fans think he’s a talented coward, but he disagrees with that. He thinks Mosley is going to hit Mayweather and Mayweather’s going to turn into a fire breathing dragon and Mosley will have to use lateral movement with him.

They show May’s amazingly jacked security crew working out at Golds. Let’s just say that Floyd’s not testing his own security.

Floyd says he’s a fool if he would give the sport 33 years of his life and not be the best. He would never say there’s another fighter better than him.

Mosley and De La Hoya go on George Lopez’s late night show and Lopez says that he’s more intrigued with this fight than Mayweather/Pacquaio. Let’s not go too far George.

George says Mosley is going to knockout Mayweather. Well, George is friends with Oscar, so he’s not necessarily an unbiased observer.

Roger says that he’s not guilty of hitting a female boxing student that could send him to jail for up to ten years if proven guilty. He says that there’s no way he could’ve hit her if she didn’t show any bruise on her.

Roger and Naazim get on a conference call and Roger talks steroids and Naazim talks about Floyd numbing his hands.

Mosley talks about training his son who is nineteen years old. I feel badly for that kid to have to live in his father’s shoes. Mosley talks about his dad training him and that he stopped putting boxing first. His father says he has his glory and he knows he’s a great trainer. He says he supports Shane whatever his decision may be.

Richardson says that he and Shane are like Lewis and Clark. They are pioneers. He wants to be the first person to beat Mayweather.

There’s an interesting scene where Floyd talks to his daughter about how people are going to be jealous of others because of their success. He says that as long as she loves him, he can’t lose.

Floyd says that one May 1st, there’s going to be a stick-up. Less than two weeks to go until fight time.

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