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24/7 Mayweather/Mosley – Episode 3

Mayweather says he’s thinking about the check while Mosley is thinking about the fight. He said that Vernon Forrest, Winky Wright, and Miguel Cotto f*cked him up and he’s going to do the same. This guy.

He says that they lured Richardson into the war of words. He also said that Shane disrespected Jack Mosley, his father. Mayweather says he’s keeping his money all in the family.

Naazim Richardson uses a towel to keep Shane on his toes when he’s doing his work in the ring and on the bag. He just swings it near him and Shane has to avoid it no matter what he’s doing.

Shane says the goal is to beat Mayweather and nothing else matters.

Floyd says Mosley is good at what he does, but the difference is that he’s great at what he does.

Floyd Sr. thinks Shane’s going to be fighting jittery. They make fun of Naazim’s towel waiving technique at the heavy bag.

Floyd says that he has security because you see what happened with Arturo Gatti and Vernon Forrest. He has seven guys protecting him while Shane only has one guy who says they call him “The Knockout Artist”.

Richardson says that you’re doing a great job when you beat someone up so badly that they think you’re on steroids. He says you’re doing something right when you can’t sing and they let you sing. He of course, was talking about Manny Pacquiao.

Roger Mayweather has diabetes and gets insulin shots in his hand, arm, and stomach every day. He didn’t know about it until he read up on it and decided to get taken care of so that he can raise his kid. He says his greatest contribution in life was having his son. His young son already has the Mayweather boxing gene down.

Floyd Sr. says that because of his lung disease, he has to watch himself and stay healthy so that he doesn’t get pneumonia.

Richardson says that he’s proud of the way Mosley conducts himself and rags on Mayweather for conducting himself the way he does. Well, except when Shane got caught up with Balco.

Mosley says he won’t feed into Mayweather’s mouth because he doesn’t want to let him win the first battle. Or, you can and sell the fight. But in this case, he probably doesn’t need to sell it. It’s going to sell already thanks to Mayweather and just the high quality of the match-up.

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3 thoughts on “24/7 Mayweather/Mosley – Episode 3

  1. Itz fosho.. There will b a punch thrown 2 da head n mosely will slip n fall on his balls n break em n they will go flyin off in2 da crowd n land in William Shabones mouth n he will throw up on a baby n the ceiling will fall n superman will save everyone yoooo

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