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WrestleMania XXVI Live Thoughts

I won’t be doing running play by play for WrestleMania, since I’ll be there live, but I will chime in with live thoughts and this post will be updated frequently.

I’ll be adding more thoughts to the FGB Twitter page as the show goes on too.

– 26 man battle royal was won by Yoshi Tatsu. He threw out the Woo Woo guy.

– The roof started to open during the match.

– Unified Tag match opens the show.

– Morrison looked like a jobber tonight. Missed the Starship Pain and then was TKO’d like his name was Frank Mir by the Big Show.

– For whatever reason, they closed the roof. Maybe it was an experiment?

– Arizona saw Orton as the first true star and loved him. Way better match than it had any right to be and they still kept it pretty short. Orton hit all his high spots.

– Maryse and Michelle McCool didn’t look too happy being second fiddle to Vickie Guerrero in their interview.

– MitB came across subdued live. We expected more. No big Shelton move. Loved Swagger winning though. Does he cash in tonight?

– Triple H vs. Sheamus was good. A little slow to start, but picked up and the finish was good. No one live really thought Sheamus had a chance, though a near fall after the boot made them think twice for a second.

– Rey and Punk was predictably good. Nothing wrong with it at all and completely enjoyable. Both guys were over with the live crowd. Fun finish too in Rey’s victory.

– Smoke and mirrors with Bret’s family involved and it was exactly what it should’ve been. Bret ravaged Vince with chair shots, teased the sharpshooter, more chair shots, and then the sharp shooter.

– In a slight surprise, Jericho retained against Edge. Just a fantastic match. Edge speared him off the announcer’s table to let him get it back a bit. And, they can do it again next month. We thought Swagger might come out here, but it didn’t happen.

– Weird divas match. Vickie won it by doing Eddie tributes.

– Cena/Batista was hot crowd wise. Lots of pro/anti Cena chants. They were both over big. Match was ok, with a good finish. W
ith Cena winning, we should see the rubber match at SummerSlam.

– Taker and HBK was everything you expected and more. They did the Rocky/Creed finish from the first Rocky with Taker showing sympathy after giving it all he had but Shawn slapped him hard as if to say, don’t take sympathy and Taker won after the second tombstone in a row.

Not sure how much of Shawn’s farewell made TV, but he got a standing ovation and several chants. It was an awesome end to an awesome night.

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5 thoughts on “WrestleMania XXVI Live Thoughts

  1. omg….Kane has a black eye:(. I wonder who punched him! Money in the bank match going on now.

  2. An incredible show. My favourite Mania in a few years. You are really lucky that you got the chance to be there for it live.

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