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WEC 47 Play By Play – Bowles Vs. Cruz

After attending WEC 46 in person, I was quite interested in WEC 48, even though 49 is the big upcoming PPV. But with Brian Bowles and Dominick Cruz on the show, as well as Miguel Torres, it should be very good.

1. Bart Palaszewski vs. Karen Darabedyan

This was a good first fight. Darabedyan had Palaszewski up against the cage early on and was throwing some huge right/left combinations. It looked like we were on our way to a quick stoppage. But Palaszewski kept working from the bottom and grabbed onto a shoulder first, then started working towards are arm bar, and he finally got it later in the round.

Winner: Palaszewski by way of 1st round submission

Palaszewski said that Darabedyan kept leaving his arm out there.

2. Deividas Taurosevicius vs. LC Davis

Is Deividas Taurosevicius the longest name in MMA?

The first round was pretty boring. They were just wrestling with each other up against the cage, ring around a rosey style.

The second round was much of the same, but Davis complained about getting hit low while in tight against the cage. The ref said he couldn’t see it. Taurosevicius was trying for a takedown at the end of the round and actually got Davis off the ground, but couldn’t finish it.

Well, the third round wasn’t any better. Davis got a late takedown, but didn’t do anything on the ground. Davis probably wins the fight, but the true losers were those of us who had to watch it.

Winner: LC Davis by way of majority decision

The scores were 29-29, 29-28, and 29-28.

3. Javier Vasquez vs. Jens Pulver

Pulver looked good early on. He had Vasquez in a guillotine and looked ok on his feet. But Vasquez just started to pick him apart on the ground and eventually tapped Pulver out with a nasty arm bar. Pulver was in pain after the fight was over.

Winner: Javier Vasquez by way of 1st round submission

Pulver basically retired in front of the crowd. Pulver’s gotten over more in losing than anyone ever. The crowd went wild for his promo at the end. Pulver thanked the fans and said he didn’t want to put them through this again, which either means him losing badly or him being emotional in front of them.

4. Scott Jorgensen vs. Chad George

Well, that was fast. Jorgensen put George in a guillotine that put him to sleep. Once the fight was stopped and Jorgensen let go, George plopped to the ground.

Winner: Scott Jorgensen by way of 1st round submission

5. Joseph Benavidez vs. Miguel Torres

Strong round, specifically for Benavidez. He caught a kick from Torres and put him down with a right hand. He also got the takedown and just looks physically stronger in the upper body.

Crazy end to this fight. Torres tried to stay on the outside, but as he threw a lazy combination that didn’t land, Benavidez shot in for the takedown. He landed an elbow (I think) that cut Torres badly and then sunk in a nasty guillotine and Torres had to tap.

Winner: Joseph Benavidez by way of 2nd round submission

6. Danny Castillo vs. Anthony Pettis

Anthony Pettis threw a high kick of death where his shin bone hit Danny Castillo square in the forehead and it was over. It also looked like Castillo took a few unnecessary shots.

Winner: Anthony Pettis by way of 1st round TKO

7. Dominick Cruz vs. Brian Bowles

If you’ve ever seen pictures of a young Mark Wahlberg (even pre-Marky Mark days), that’s who Brian Bowles looks like.

Cruz has such a quirky stand-up style. He’s in and out, hops up and down, and ducks left and right. Sometimes it hurts him because he hops right into a right hand, but you can also tell that it bothers Bowles. They both connected, but Cruz’s shots looked better from a scoring perspective because Bowles was leaning and Cruz was countering nicely.

Cruz is just irritating Bowles. He’s dipping away while Bowles is swinging and Cruz comes with a round house right hand. He’s done that several times tonight. Bowles had an excellent right hand land, but that was about it. Cruz also got a takedown near the end of the round.

Winner: Dominick Cruz by way of 2nd round TKO

Cruz is the new 135 pound champ.

Bowles said he broke his hand on the first punch of the fight and couldn’t focus. Considering Urijah Faber fought Mike Brown with one and never quit, it makes him look a bit weak.

Overall, the show was pretty good, but definitely not on par with some of their shows from 2009.

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4 thoughts on “WEC 47 Play By Play – Bowles Vs. Cruz

  1. He looked awesome early on. Just got a little reckless. Probably one of those losses which he learns from.

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