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Video – Manny Pacquiao Interview About Floyd Mayweather

Kevin Iole interviewed Manny Pacquiao for Yahoo! I only rolled my eyes a couple of times at his answers, but really, what else is he going to say?

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10 thoughts on “Video – Manny Pacquiao Interview About Floyd Mayweather

  1. Oh yes (Pacquiao) you do have something to prove. Many things. Take the Blood test and (you) stop all the (BULL SHIT). If you don’t want people calling you a (Cheater) then prove them wrong. (That simple) This is the reason why barely anyone knows who Pacquiao is fighting and why no one cares. For crying out loud you got Jerry Jones selling the SHIT out of (Pac vs Clottey) there’s no 24/7 episodes I mean if this doesn’t tell you how the sports world is distancing its self from Pacquiao I don’t know what will. It’s very clear that the (Mosley vs Mayweather) bout has Captured Way more attention then (Pac vs who?????) and rightfully so. Mosley has no problem blood testing for the May 1st battle and that says a whole lot about What Manny Pacquiao is doing doesn’t it?????????? (Just getting everyone off the Pac Cool Aid)

  2. The lack of 24/7 isn’t because people are distancing themselves from Pac. It’s because it’s expensive to produce and they’re doing May/Mos instead.

    And to be fair, Mosley has been caught before, so he better be fine with blood tests. It’s not just because he wants to be a good guy.

  3. Its not (MONEY) please, HBO has plenty to go around and its not people that are distancing themselves from Pacquiao its the Sports World. I hate to sound like a broken drum but I told you many times before that Pacquiao would suffer this type of back lash from the Sports World and look at what has happened. (Mayweather vs Mosley) will have 24/7 and all it’s episodes to advertise that Big fight while (Pacquiao vs Clottey) barely got the media attention. I Wonder WHY???????????? Could it be that the powers that be smell a big rat straight from the Philippines????????? We all will find out sooner or later.

  4. Bro, it’s money and time. There is no backlash that his happening. You are just trying to believe there is to back up your point.

    The fact of the matter is that they have two big fights and chose the bigger one to push with 24/7. You can’t do 24/7 twice in three months because it becomes old and loses it’s strength, which is the ability to draw casual fans in. I’m with you on some of this Pac stuff, but you’re just making it up now.

  5. Let me clear something up, first, I’m not your (Bro) and second I’m not Black I’m Hispanic. Now since that’s out of the way, I’m not making anything up, I’ve laid it all out there concerning what is going on with (Pac vs Clottey) This fight which is supposed to host the “(Best Pound for Pound Fighter)” in the world (Pac) is by in large being rejected as the #1 fighter to see and the #1 Boxing Event to View. Why????? I’ll let you fill in the blanks there……..So my points are well supported logically and (VISUALLY) meaning you can see it with your own eyes.

  6. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, your own FGB POLL AGREES with all I’m Saying. Just thought you’d like to know that as well.

    (more supporting information I love it.) XD

  7. Who said you were Black?

    We knew from the second both of these fights were signed which was going to be the biggest fight. You aren’t bringing anything to the table that no one already doesn’t know.

    He’s not being rejected by anyone but you.

    HBO smartly went with the fight they thought they could sell more PPV buys with.

    You make some pretty good points but your logic makes me scratch my head sometimes.

    Manny’s selling 45,000 tickets in Cowboys Stadium. How is the public rejecting him again?

  8. Come on, Jerry Jones is selling the fight like everyday just to sell out his arena because of HBO’s Choice of Mayweather vs Mosley. In a way I’m happy he’s doing that this way more people get to see what I’ve been saying since last year and that

    is Clottey winning over Pacquiao. Naturally, people don’t want to believe this but just watch and see what happens on March 13th. Another thing is its not people that are rejecting Pacman its the (Sports World) big difference.

    Oh here’s a little something many people over looked in the Cotto vs Pacman fight:

    (The Pac Man flaw)??? Its the LEFT HOOK. See for yourself,


    At 57 seconds into the video Cotto landed a perfect left hook. Pity he didn’t throw more Cotto would have won easily. Clottey won’t make this same mistake of throwing Jabs instead of Left Hooks which as you can see Pacquiao is open for all day.

    I have seen and heard that Pacquiao will be looking to go to the body against Clottey, WOW HUGE Mistake. That works right into Clottey being very successful with his powerful Uppercut and we all know what he did to Zab Judah which is a fast lefty like Pacquiao minus the ROIDS: Check it out:


    At (6:17 of the video) you’ll see why you don’t go to the body on Clottey.

    So you see, I do Bring something to the table that no one here has, and that’s video proof.

  9. I have absolutely not questioned your analysis of the fight and have said straight up that if Clottey wins the fight, I’m writing directly that you called it.

    My qualms with your analysis about the actual business part of the fight, which seems like sour grapes for whatever reason. I know you’re not a Pac fan and that’s fine. I’m not a huge Pac fan myself, but I admire what the guy does in the ring. So when you say that people have gotten off the Pac bandwagon, you’re way wrong. This fight is going to do 800,000 buy rates for Pac to fight a guy who has never fought on PPV before. That says a lot for Pac’s drawing power.

  10. I don’t Hate Pacman, but I have ZERO Respect for him and I don’t admire what he’s doing in boxing with regards to Blood testing and Roids. As far as I’m concerned, the more PPV buys for

    (Clottey vs Pacquiao) the better for me and my predictions. It’s a shame that people are so easily misguided when the truth is all around the world including this website. Believe me the are no

    sour grapes from my end, none of the fighters who will be fighting are my favorites. Like I said before, I’m a Cotto Fan and It seems that my boy Cotto can’t get a fair fight anymore without some kind

    of CHEATING controversy springing up from a loss. My guess is Cotto must be too dam good and maybe that’s the reason for all the controversy. Jealousy is a terrible thing.

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