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UFC Prime Time – St. Pierre Vs. Hardy Episode 2

You’d have to say that week one of Prime Time was pretty weak. It was a boring show that didn’t do much to whet my appetite for a fight that most fans don’t think is competitive. They have to do a better job in week 2.

Dan Hardy watched last week’s episode and said that he smells GSP’s fear. Hmmm. Not sure about that one.

Matt Serra says he’s there for Hardy, but it doesn’t seem like he really wants to be involved. He thought it was good karma to help him. You do have a feeling that once Serra is done with fighting, he’ll probably be a really good trainer/coach.

Hardy’s training ground work and Serra says that GSP is going to feel like a light weight compared to the guy who he was working with.

They show him do some power lifting and he’s doing the same jumping squats with weights that GSP was doing last week. It still looks impressive as hell. My knees hurt just thinking about doing that.

The show focuses on Firas Zahabi, GSP’s head trainer. He says Georges is like a brother to him and when he wants GSP to win, it’s like he wants his brother to win.

GSP says he’s not scared of Dan Hardy no matter what and he doesn’t care if he trains with Matt Serra.

They show GSP training with Nate Marquardt and Kenny Florian. Georges says he trains to fight an army of guys, not just one guy.

Hardy says this fight can define him for the rest of his life. Hardy trained with the Shaolin Monks in 2000.

GSP says every day he wants to get better than the day before and even though he knows he can’t be perfect, each day he knows he’s closer.

Hardy says GSP’s coach needs to shut his mouth. Poor Firas is just trying to make this fight more interesting.

Hardy’s trying to cut promos saying that it’s the age of Dan Hardy and how the Outlaw is taking the belt. I’m waiting for him to use “Exist to inspire”.

This show is failing make their fight exciting. Hardy seems like he’s cutting bad promos rather than stirring up interest in the fight.

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9 thoughts on “UFC Prime Time – St. Pierre Vs. Hardy Episode 2

  1. UFC just doesn’t seem to be able to do the multiple part countdown show effectively. I actually find it considerably less interesting than the standard run of the mill preview shows they do.

    The best part by far was Hardy training with the Shaolin Monks doing some snake in the eagles shadow style Kung Fu. It was a damn sight more entertaining than GSP and the most boring training team ever assembled anyway.

    I think I was expecting Hardy to Ruffle his feathers far more than this. I just imagined he was going to play the part of this loud mouth, obnoxious ruffian. He’s actually been relatively respectful.

  2. It seems forced from him. It seems like he’s trying to play asshole, instead of just being Frank Mir and really believing in the things he’s saying.

    The best thing he said all show was that he wanted to punch Firas in the mouth almost more than GSP. That seemed natural, and not contrived.

  3. Why is it that everyone wants to hit Firas? B.J. talked a bunch of shi*t about him in their Primetime I never notice him saying anything all that bad or insulting.

    Also, would they please stop trying to convince people that Hardy is some knockout machine who has “streamrolled” through the welterweight division. He has a grand total of one knockout in the UFC, two split decisions against middle of the pack guys, and the Swick fight. Hardy is going to get destroyed…taken down at will and probably submitted.

    I know they need to try and sell tickets, but is anyone actually buying Hardy as a contender? I’m nervous for what they will say about Frank Edgar and B.J. Penn.

  4. They have to convince you of something man. They have to sell a fight.

    I’m not really buying him as a contender. And yes, they’ll do the same thing with Edgar on the Countdown.

    But yep, I think this show is doing a really bad job.

  5. The Mir-Carwin fight is the reason I’m buying this PPV. That fight is going to be EPIC. No way that one goes the distance. They should have done the Primetime on that to sell Carwin to the people, in the event he is the next challenger to Brock.

    Though Hardy is younger and has more personality. Which means more potential money for the UFC. But I think he would get worked by about 5 other WWs, including his teammate Paul Daley.

    I hope to wash out the bad taste of this Primetime, they turn around quickly and do one for Jackson-Evans.

  6. I think the reason is because they consider GSP the number 2 star. That’s why he’s on the Primetime.

    I haven’t seen the Mir/Carwin Countdown yet. Hope to see that this weekend.

  7. If you happen to watch “Breaking Bad” on AMC, Shane Carwin looks like the main character on steroids.

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