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UFC 111 Results

I wasn’t able to watch the big UFC show last night, but it seemed that the story was that before the Shane Carwin/Brock Lesnar face-off, Carwin knocked Frank Mir’s face off. And Georges St. Pierre humbled Dan Hardy but couldn’t make him quit.

That’s pretty much how we predicted it here at FGB, but I don’t think any of us thought Hardy would last the entire fight. He has some testicular fortitude. I think the focus is now going to be, “What’s next?” for St. Pierre. Let’s just hope it’s not Jon Fitch. If I were Dana White, I’d raid Strikeforce for Jake Shields and try to sell him as a top contender, even though it probably wouldn’t be all that competitive match. But the guy I think they could really sell some tickets with is Nick Diaz. Maybe little brother Nate gets the next fight?

Dave Meltzer had the best quote about the Jon Fitch fight:

Anyway, for those of you who have kids, get a tape of this match and whenever they use dirty words or talk back, tell them they have to go to their room and watch Fitch fight.

You can also check out F4W/Wrestling Observer for the rest of the results.

I’ll have a full play by play account of the show on Monday.

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1 thought on “UFC 111 Results

  1. It sounds more and more like Jake Shields will come to the UFC after the Henderson fight, provided he is not completely destroyed (even if it is a 185 fight).

    In the meantime, I am hoping Paul Daley finishes Koscheck then gets the next title bout. Daley is a superior striker to Hardy, just much mouth and hypeability.

    That fight would also be a clinic in takedowns, but that is what the welterweight division has been reduced to.

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