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TNA Releases Two More Names

The cleaning of the Knockouts continues as Roxxi a.k.a. Nikki Roxx, who in reality wasn’t even under contract but worked the New Years Eve show, has been told to take a hike. This is the second time she was released, the first being when she was involved in a backstage scuffle with fellow TNA Knockout Rhaka Khan, who at the time was dating Kurt Angle and had the political advantage, which upset a lot of folks because Roxxi was not at fault. Our friends over at QCW Radio interviewed her last summer, which can be heard here. Don’t forget to cover your nose when you hear this one.

In addition, Sean Morley, the former Val Venis, has been removed from the TNA Roster Page. Morley wrote on this facebook that he was given the go after accepting dates for CMLL. Morley was one of the many former WWE talents brought in on January 4th and since coming in, has cleanly pinned Christopher Daniels and Jeff Jarrett, who former champions for TNA (the latter of which happened on last night’s Impact).

In addition to that, TNA dropped Traci Brooks earlier this week.

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