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Super Six World Boxing Classic Preview – Arthur Abraham Vs. Andre Dirrell

The second phase of Showtime’s Super Six kicks off tonight in Detroit. Andre Dirrell (18-1) SuperSix (0-1) looks to bounce back from the first loss of his professional career against former undefeated middleweight champion Arthur Abraham (31-0) SuperSix (1-0).

These are the two guys I doubted most from the onset of the Super Six.
With Dirrell it was always a question of experience. I believe he could well be the most naturally gifted boxer in this entire tournament. I would even rank him ahead of Andre Ward in that regard. However, going from fighting outmatched opponents on a Friday night to facing championship level competition is a hell of a leap for anyone to make. I was surprised by just how well he was able to adapt. He proved in the Froch fight that he belongs amongst the best at 168. Although he didn’t get the decision that night, I expect he learned a lot from the experience. Tonight we are going to see the best Andre Dirrell yet.

As for Abraham, I wondered if he was capable of imposing himself at Super Middleweight the way he had at 160. I doubted the quality of his middleweight opposition, and I questioned if his power would carry up. Pavlik’s ill fated venture into the division only seemed to compound these concerns. In reality, King Arthur had long since outgrown middleweight and had been killing himself to make the limit. What we saw against Taylor was a refreshed fighter once again competing at a weight he was comfortable at. Oh and yes…he hits ridiculously hard regardless of the division. Abraham now enters the second phase of the Super Six as a steady competition favourite.

I give Dirrell a real shot at pulling off the upset here. The home fighter won in each of the first round match ups, and tonight we are in Andre’s backyard. What’s more, he needs a result to stay in with a chance of qualification to the knockout stages. The Froch fight will have been playing on his mind. He will know that he needs to impose himself more to win the judges favour. Don’t expect to see a re-enactment of Rocky 2; that just isn’t Dirrell’s style. It’s going to be close, cagey, and captivating, but I think we will see an altogether more positive approach from him. He will have a tough time getting shots through the outstanding defence of Abraham, but if he keeps his work rate consistent he’s well capable of stealing rounds. Abraham will stalk him down and look to fight in bursts. Dirrell mustn’t get drawn in.

I split this fight 55/45 in favour of Abraham. Dirrell showed glimpses of his inexperience against Froch, and I think that’s what will ultimately cost him again this evening. He allowed Froch take him out of his game by making the fight rough, and rough fights are something that Arthur Abraham is certainly no stranger to. I expect Dirrell to grow increasingly frustrated by Abraham’s pressure, and allow mistakes to slip into his work. One false move is all Arthur needs and it will be over. I see that opportunity presenting itself in the final quarter of the fight. If it does make it to the cards, I expect the decision will be the subject of much dispute.

Prediction: Abraham by KO between 10 to 12

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33 thoughts on “Super Six World Boxing Classic Preview – Arthur Abraham Vs. Andre Dirrell

  1. I’m so bummed I’m missing this tonight. I’ll have it DVR’d up for Monday when I get back though.

    Nice job. I finally watched the preview show and it was excellent.

  2. WOW!!! I don’t know what to say. Just like Dirrell I didn’t see that coming. Arthur Abraham just lost his mind and pulled a Roy Jones Jr. I don’t know why he did what he did by hitting a man while he slipped but Arthur’s comments are not going to make him a hit in

    the U.S.A. Saying things like “it was legal” or “he was acting” Come on Arthur, you were upset at the rate your ass was being beat so you DQ’d yourself??? Arthur was going to lose any way. When your desperate to win you K.O. your opponent (LEGALLY) As for Dirrell, my hat goes out to him he was wining just like I said he would win,

    however, Arthur couldn’t stand losing by an overwhelming decision to Dirrell therefore the DQ punch. I feel we won’t see Dirrell for a long, long time because of that illegal blow by Abraham. My advice to the bad luck Dirrell, stay away from European boxers it seems even when you win you lose.

  3. Can’t wait to see this when I get home on Monday. UFC 111 and this fight. Going to be a long night.

  4. Yeah, those European boxers……with their big money fights, sold out stadiums, and big TV ratings. Definitely avoid them.

  5. Europeans with big money fights??? Mayweather Jr. sells the most
    in boxing because he’s undefeated and talks trash all the time. Reminds me of ALI just with way better defense. Any way, you now know why Roy Jones Jr. and many other American Champions stay away from going to Europe and defending their titles. It is because of decisions like the Froch/Dirrell fight and the disgraceful actions of Arthur Abraham. You know, I would give Abraham the benefit of the doubt and say it was unintentional, but his comments show exactly who he is and that’s enough said. Arthur Abraham should win the title of best comedian of the year by saying what he did was legal and that Dirrell was acting.
    =D =D =D Also, if Dirrell was acting which we all know he wasn’t, I would give him an Oscar Award because that would be the best impersonation of a Knocked out boxer.

  6. Duan, I did enough trying to talk sense into Mr. Josh Clottey is beating Manny Pacquiao and you can take that to the bank last week. Your turn.

  7. Ricky Hatton is a better PPV draw than Mayweather. He sells comparable numbers in the UK to what Mayweather does in America. If you look at that proportionally it is ridiculous. The UK only has a total population of around 60 million, so Hatton has drawn just as well from a much smaller base audience. And Hatton also sells tickets as well as PPV

    When Froch fights Abraham in Germany in the third stage of the SuperSix, there will be a sold out stadium packed to the rafters with around 50,000 fans. Andre Dirrell is a great boxer, but Saturday night is evidence that he couldn’t sell out his local gym. There are loads of European fighters that have absolutely enormous fractions of their home population follow their fights. Kessler and Abraham are two such examples in this tournament.

    The place that is most notorious for bad decisions is Germany, and there has been just as many atrocious decisions in America as there has been there over the last 12 months.

    This is just simply the truth. If you don’t like European boxing, that’s fine you don’t have to, but it is mightily successful. The fact of the matter is that they are needed in this competition to make it economically sustainable.

  8. All you have to do is go back to Kessler/Calzaghe. I just remember watching that fight thinking that there were loads and loads of fans watching that one.

  9. That fight was a gloryfied sparring session where Kessler was the punching bag and Calzaghe looked like a white version of Ali with all the blows he landed. It was boring and unskillful just like Kessler is.

    Someone tell Duan that Hatton hasn’t fought since he ran into (Pacgwire) How is he currently selling anything if he’s not even fighting??? Got to use your head there Duan. Currently Floyd Jr. took over Oscar’s spot as the sports biggest money maker that is a (fact) not just some opinion.

    So now you understand why they call him
    (Floyd A.K.A. MONEY Mayweather Jr.) because he keeps 100% of his money from boxing unlike so many who do not. FACTS, FACTS, FACTS.

  10. Oh David. I guess it’s better to let you stew in your own naivete. We’re not talking US boxing star. We’re talking bigger boxing star in your home country. It’s really not even close how much bigger Hatton is in his home country than Floyd is in the US.

  11. Please do yourself a favor and leave your insults to yourself if you don’t like what I write to bad because you know they are all facts. I have no respect for those who don’t have respect for logic. I’ll let you stew on that for a while.

  12. Did you take the naivete comment to heart? Ok, that’s my bad. However, again, this is my site.

    You did insult Duan. I just stuck up for him. Oh, did you hear? I run this site. So, you’ll have to live with me David if you want to comment here.

  13. Yep, and you with my facts. You know, I didn’t hear you ran this site. I guess that’s because I only listen to things that are worth listening to.

  14. You got to stop assuming everyone knows you because guess what, most don’t even care or know who you are or even know about this blog which is not close to being a site.

  15. Hahahahaha. For being such a place that people don’t care about, you sure spend a lot of time here.

    I’ll get off your case for tonight, but Duan got you. I still don’t think you even understand his point, but he got you.

  16. Duan needs help with boxing knowledge, when a boxer is not actively fighting in the ring he won’t be considered a money draw at the present time. We all know except you and Duan that Ricky Fatton hasn’t fought any time recently. So you see no one got me. That’s logic my friend. I love your prediction by the way however, it was Arthur who got fustrated go figure. Your logic failed GG.

    “I expect Dirrell to grow increasingly frustrated by Abraham’s pressure, and allow mistakes to slip into his work. One false move is all Arthur needs and it will be over. I see that opportunity presenting itself in the final quarter of the fight.”

    My purpose for writing on this blog if that’s what you call it, is to shed some logic and intelligence in an unintelligent boxing community. Also to bother you with my facts and get under your skin like I always do.

  17. The question here has an easy answer. Let me ask it for you. You answer correctly and you may even win a prize.

    Does Floyd Mayweather have a troop of country men follow him everywhere he goes and sing a song about him?

    I’ll let you answer that. That should tell you who is the bigger star in their country. In fact, Hatton will forever be a legend in his country no matter what he does. I’m not sure Floyd will be in the US.

    You’re quoting Duan’s prediction when you said that Clottey was going to beat Pac-man? Glass houses my friend.

    You can try to shed whatever light you want. Whenever you open one of these “so-called” blogs, and get the David’s of the world to keep your comment count high, then you can profess to whatever you want. Right now? You’re just a fan. Maybe we’ll send you a t-shirt.

  18. There is no way I’m getting drawn into this. All I will say is that if you check any list of active Boxers you will see Ricky Hatton listed near the top of the junior welterweight division. He may be about to announce his retirement, but as of yet he has not. Therefore he still is an active boxer and should be classed as such.

    If you took all the american fighters in this tournament and put them on the one card they couldn’t sell even half the number of tickets Abraham sells for a tune up fight.

  19. Like I said before, My purpose for writing on this blog if that’s what you call it, is to shed some logic and intelligence in an unintelligent boxing community. Also to bother you with my facts and get under your skin like I always do. If British Fans want to
    cheer on a loser and sing loser songs that’s up to them you won’t see me singing that tune.

    Secondly, Classed yeah Hatton’s a C class fighter in my book. As far as glass houses go Duan’s record is not spotless as is yours. If you read my predictions they were mostly out of anger towards Pacquiao being a cheater and if you

    know anything about me you would know I’m a Cotto fan who feels Pacquiao cheated in their Nov, 2009 match up. Naturally I was HOPING for the real Clottey to show up but when you got a guy like Arum around many things can happen if you know what I mean. Once again it’s been a pleasure.

  20. Logic and intelligence. That’s your new catch phrase.

    If this isn’t a blog, what would you call it?

    I’m not going to try to get you to understand the point that Duan was trying to make. It’s hopeless, but I do hope that you continue to come back to the site.

    Even though I rarely agree with you, I do like the opposing view point.

  21. I understand that the British fans are loyal, that is why I spoke about them singing their tune so it’s not hopeless after all. I’m just telling you how stupid can fanatical fans really be? I’m glad to read that my view point entertains you because after all, if it doesn’t make sense then why read right! Since you asked this is not a blog this is ART. =D

  22. I think all fans are kind of crazy, but it doesn’t matter how “dumb” they are as long as they support their fighters and spend money to watch them. In fact, that might be the most marketed to demographic.

    Notice that Pac drew 50,000 in Dallas. Floyd couldn’t do that same number unless it was with Pac. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a large fan base, they just aren’t one rabid demo, like some of the non-US fighters, who can be bigger celebs in their countries.

  23. 50,000 was half the stadium and had the worst undercard bouts I’ve ever seen. So, if people continue to see what we saw in Dallas the fans including me will pass on “the Event”. Arum holds the worst undercards for now, man I though De la Hoya was bad, Bob is 10 times worse.

  24. All of that may be true, but 50,000 paying customers is 50,000 paying customers. You take that any day.

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