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Fight Camp 360: Inside The Super Six World Boxing Classic – Episode 4

The show starts with Jermain Taylor working out, talking about his comeback and how he’s upset about having to pull out of the Super Six after losing to Arthur Abraham in vicious fashion.

Arthur Abraham lives with his mother. He says he wants a big career in America.

Andre Dirrell goes home to show where his house used to stand and he says it hurts because he can’t show his kids where he lived as a child.

They show Andre’s grandmother, brother, and fiance and they talk about him. His grandmother can’t watch him fight. His brother says it’s like him fighting in there. And his fiance cries every time he fights. He says he’s been away for probably half his own kids’ lives because of all the training, but they know that when he’s home, he’s home.

They show Taylor with his family and with his kids, which is just an awesome scene. He says boxing is inside of him.

He says he didn’t feel as strong as usual. He says he was crushed when he lost because it was in the last round again. He says he misses boxing a lot. He’s a fighter. It’s who he is.

The promoters are together trying to figure out who is going to replace Taylor. Lou DiBella says it should be an American fighter. Gary Shaw is upset when Abraham’s promoter asked for a 10X10 ring.

Allan Green is chosen as the replacement. He says he shouldn’t have been left out of the tournament anyway. He says it was politics and he’s the hardest puncher in the tournament. Green says when he wins, he’s going to moon the camera so everyone can kiss his ass. Who is he, Larry Holmes?

Abraham says that Taylor has everything and that boxing is business and it was a tough knockout. He wants to have a big party in LA after he wins.

Dirrell and his crew are watching the Taylor/Abraham fight and Dirrell says that Abraham takes breathers and that’s when you have to get him.

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