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Fight Camp 360 – Episode 4

The fourth installment of Showtime’s fantastic Fight Camp 360 series. This episode previews Abraham vs. Dirrell, and introduces Jermain Taylor’s replacement Allan Green. Mandatory viewing as always.

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2 thoughts on “Fight Camp 360 – Episode 4

  1. I love this show as you know. There was a lot of good stuff in it, but my main man Frochy was hardly featured at all. He’s the most interesting of the personalities, so his absence hurt this broadcast a little.

    On a more positive note, Jermain looked to be in great spirits, and he didn’t appear any worse for wear. Hopefully a few months off to rest up is all he needs.

    I’m really starting to not like Dirrell at all. His family and camp seem really nice, but there’s just something in the way he conducts himself i find off putting.

    Abraham really seemed like a star on this show.

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