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2010 WWE Hall Of Fame Thoughts And Photos

Last night, I was live at the WWE Hall of Fame, and it was a very cool event. I was at the Hall of Fame last year too and I think I expected too much. They cut the time of the presenters and the inductees and it just seemed rushed.

But for whatever reason, this year, it didn’t feel that way.

If you want the quick and dirty, you can check out the Fight Game Blog Twitter feed. I tweeted live updates there last night. Or, you can search via the #wwehalloffame hash tag, which you’ll see all of my updates in as well.

You can also check out
photos from the event on our Facebook page. Become a fan and you’ll see photos from WrestleMania XXVI today go through your news feed.

I have a few more thoughts in reflection.

– Pat Patterson made a joke that the Mad Dog would always come over his house when Mad Dog and his wife would get in arguments and Pat said after a while, Mad Dog was ruining his rep. Most of the crowd didn’t get that one. I thought it was one of the best jokes of the night.

– Mad Dog Vachon and The Destroyer stumbled over their words a bit and lost their thought as well. I hope that doesn’t mean Vince McMahon and company don’t want to bring back old legends. Part of what made last night great is the scope of the wrestlers. From The Destroyer, to Stan Hansen, to Gorgeous George, to Roddy Piper, to Ted DiBiase, to Wendi Richter, to Antonio Inoki, the feeling all night was “wrestling history” and it was a cool feeling.

– Roddy Piper started strong, but I think he just started making things up. I was impressed with Richter though. She was very classy and seemed to really get what the night was about.

– Bret Hart seemed rushed, and I think he felt it. I wanted to hear more Stu stories, but he told two fun ones. He mentioned Owen once and the crowd popped huge.

– Stan Hansen was the best presenter of the night. He definitely went over his five minute mark. Does he have a book out? His stories from Japan were priceless.

– There’s something about Antonio Inoki that just made it feel like you were watching something special. There’s a certain bigness to him that I can’t really describe.

– Dick Ebersol and Bob Uecker were very entertaining. Uecker had the live crowd rolling. He seems like the same old Ueck from WrestleMania III.

– The DiBiase boys had great chemistry, as if they practiced this speech when they were growing up. Brett DiBiase has a future as a talker in wrestling. He was way more comfortable than Ted Jr., who has been on TV for a year now.

– What can you say about Ted Sr.? Even though he didn’t have the time that Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan had, he was one of the best Hall of Fame speakers since they started doing these Hall of Fame ceremonies. It actually made he wish that he was in one of the main events today. He closed with his, “Everyone’s got a price for the Million Dollar Man,” line, cackled, and made it rain money. Awesome.

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