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2010 TNA Destination X Recap

“Destination X will be an example critics will use when they point out what’s wrong with TNA!”

Destination X last night was the showcase of the X Division, and in that regard TNA succeeded. Everything else though was polarizing with some solid, some mediocre and some bad.

-The Ladder Match was extremely fun! There were some sick spots that I definitely wouldn’t encourage anyone to do. I think it will give Money in the Bank a run for its money. Kazarian is back in the run as challenger to the X Division Title

-Tara vs Daffney was okay but nothing great. The Knockouts Division hasn’t really shined recently for one reason or another. Daffney is an awesome character and looks to continue chasing the Knockouts Title after stealing Poison on tonight’s show.

-Rob Terry vs the newly dubbed Magnus was short. Hogan has a fetish for big guys and Terry is a good example of that. Magnus should be the one getting pushed as he is more talented on the mic. The Global Championship continues to have no prestige even for a “stepping stone” to the World Title. With Magnus dropping his name, I fear another “Brutus” might be coming in to the company.

-The Ultimate X Match was the highlight of the night for me! Before the match, the Motor City Machine Guns cut an awesome promo about how Generation Me would spoon under their Sponge Bob blanket. Shelley then made a comment about G-Me having the Hardy Boy Starter Kit. The match was a fast paced spotfest like most Ultimate X Matches are. Both teams pushed the limit with G-Me shining a little more. The Machine Guns won the thing and earned a World Tag Title Shot.

-The low point of the show was the ever so predictable Band vs EY and Nash match. I am in no way a fan of Scott Hall or Pac so I don’t want to see either with TNA contracts, of course that means they will get them. After Pac sprayed EY in the eyes with spraypaint (which should have resulted in a DQ?), Nash predictably turned on EY ending with a Wolfpac reunion complete with music and all. After the match, the Wolfpac painted a crime scene outline of EY that remained on the mat the remainder of the show, distracting this viewer.

-The X Division Championship Match was the weakest of the three X Division Matches. Doug Williams got the win on Shannon Moore after using a brick. After the match Doug Williams cut a nice promo on the X Division Stars about being “circus acrobats”. He then proceeded to put makeup on Shannon Moore.

-The World Tag Team Championship Match was about the tension between Hernandez and Matt Morgan while Beer Money played in the background. Matt Morgan kept belittling his partner even going so far as to stop him from doing his big man dive. Things really broke down as the two argued during the match. James Storm went to spit beer in the face of Hernandez but hit Morgan. Super Mex however connected with the Dominator to retain the titles. After the match Matt Morgan laid out his partner with the Carbon Footprint and took both tag titles. Solid Match which was overshadowed by the storyline!

-Mr. Anderson vs Kurt Angle was an old school match. Nothing really exciting happened during it other than Angle using the dog tags to bloody Anderson like the loudmouth did to him at Against All Odds. Angle won with the Ankle Lock. After the match a bloody Anderson cut an awesome promo about Angle staying awake at night thinking about “Anderson”.

-The main event is being panned by the IWC as I write this review. The match was solid up until the finish which will receive mixed reviews. Ric Flair in a wheelchair (who was really funny the entire night) wheeled to the ring and sprayed the referee with mace. Hulk Hogan came out with another referee and wheeled Flair to the back. Abyss fought back and hit a chokeslam on AJ THROUGH THE RING, resulting in a No Contest. The aftermath saw the hole in the ring cause a whirlpool effect and suck in Desmond Wolfe and later Ric Flair as Hogan and Hogan Jr. celebrated to end the show.

Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed most of the show! The X Division Matches delivered, there was a lot of storyline progression and we saw some good old fashioned wrestling. The finish will bother a lot of people but I am past the point of caring about traditional wrestling buildup and just watch the show to be entertained. Aside from the predictable Wolfpac reunion, I enjoyed this show but not everyone will!

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4 thoughts on “2010 TNA Destination X Recap

  1. This is the first recap I’ve seen of the show. Nice job.

    Hall, Nash, and X-Pac together again? Oh well, like you said, very predictable. And what’s up with the non-finish in the main event?

  2. Hey,

    I hope I did everything right in the posting. If you want me to do something else please let me know.

    I am torn on the main event finish. I have a feeling it was supposed to be campy just like they wanted it. I don’t hate it like others but I probably wouldn’t have done it the way they did it.

    There was some good and some bad. About what you get from TNA these days

    Thanks for the feedback

  3. I asked D to teach you how to post, without having me add it for you.

    As for the finish, it just didn’t make sense. How can you render one man senseless and it be called a no contest?

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