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WWE NXT Roster And Mentors

Big D and I wondered about WWE NXT and though we didn’t actually predict what the show was going to be, we definitely threw out the idea that we could see a seasonal Tough Enough kind of show a few weeks back on FGB Radio.

Earlier today Brian Fritz wrote about the concept and some of the FCW guys that were going to be on the show. And tonight, according to F4W/Wrestling Observer, it was announced on ECW who was going to be on the show (I haven’t watched ECW yet, but I trust these are right.)

Mentor is on the left with FCW talent on the right.

Chris Jericho/Wade Barrett
Matt Hardy/Justin Gabriel
MVP/Skip Sheffield
Carlito/Michael Tarver
Miz/Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson)
Christian/Heath Slater
C.M. Punk/Darren Young
R-Truth/for David Otunga (Jennifer Hudson’s fiance)

So, it doesn’t look like Kaval, Joe Hennig, or Brett DiBiase are on the show, like rumored. But what an interesting set of mentors we have. The mentors who probably do have some great advice for these guys include Chris Jericho who wrestled all over the world, Matt Hardy who really came into the business as a puppy and has survived, Christian who though not as worldly as Jericho, has survived fairly unscathed while being pretty successful, and CM Punk who was labeled as too indy, but has become one of WWE’s biggest stars.

MVP hasn’t been in the business very long, but is known to be a student of the game, so that should help him. Carlito was born in the business, but he has been super inconsistent in his WWE career. Ron Killings is interesting in that he’s on the older end of the crew, but is very young in his WWE years even though he was with them as K-Kwik.

But the most intriguing pairing is The Miz and Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan just seems too weird to say). The humor in all of this is that Danielson would probably be the best mentor of them all, but because he’s new to WWE and they want to get him over, he has to be on this show. And I think pairing him with The Miz will be very humorous. I imagine he can definitely learn one or two things from The Miz when it comes to showmanship and self-expression, but Miz could probably learn more from Danielson about everything else.

I am definitely tuning in next week for sure.

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6 thoughts on “WWE NXT Roster And Mentors

  1. One question I would pose to GG and Big D though on their next show is how much “reality” do you think will be on NXT? It is quite possible the “coaches” will not drop character and Punk will still be straight edge. What would it hurt if they broke of characters completely?

  2. I kind of think it’ll be mostly work, with glimpses of some reality. But I’ll tune in far more frequently than I ever tuned into ECW. And I might blog the season.

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