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WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 Live Play By Play

The former No Way Out was always one of my favorite shows for two reasons. For one, it was always the last PPV before WrestleMania, meaning whatever the final matches they needed to put together before WrestleMania became pretty clear after this show. Secondly, they usually ran a pretty clean show since they didn’t want to change too many things going into Mania. It was never the most noteworthy, but usually fun and logical. It’s now called Elimination Chamber and tonight (like last year) features two Elimination Chamber matches, which is a fun gimmick match.

It looks like we’re starting with one of those matches now. If Raw goes on first, we’re probably getting some HBK shenanigans in the Smackdown chamber.

1. Raw Elimination Chamber

Kofi Kingston and Sheamus are starting out, which means that if Sheamus wins, he’s making it through five eliminations.

Kingston got some nice offense to start, but he was put out on the side so that HHH and Sheamus could go at it for a while as HHH is the third guy in the ring. After a fun couple of minutes or so, Kofi came back in and had some great offense on both Sheamus and HHH. How this guy isn’t pushed more, I’ll never know.

Randy O is in next. Ted Jr. is in next and after teasing a Randy O beat down, he helped him up and they’re working together. Orton did the DDT where he drapes the foot over the middle ropes to HHH outside the ring and onto the cage floor. Awesome spot. Cena’s in last.

Cody brought in a steel pipe to give to DiBiase and while Orton was on Cena’s shoulders, DiBiase hit Orton with the pipe. Then he hit Cena, but he pinned Orton. He gave Orton a devilish look on Orton’s way out. Five guys left.

Well, they seemingly killed DiBiase’s heat. Kofi pinned him with the Trouble In Paradise. Then Sheamus hit the kick of death and the Razor’s Edge on Kofi and now we’re down to three with HHH, Sheamus, and Triple H left.

Sheamus had Cena up for the Razor’s Edge and HHH hit him in the ball sack and then Pedigree’d him for the fall. It’s down to Cena and HHH.

Cena made HHH top in the STF to win the belt.

Winner: John Cena

For whatever reason, Vince McMahon came out and said Cena had to defend his belt against Batista.

2. Batista vs. John Cena

It was a spear and a Batista bomb and he’s the new champ. Remember what I said earlier about there not being a ton of shenanigans on this show? Well, they proved me wrong. I’m not exactly sure what they’re doing here.

Winner: Batista

Please don’t tell me we’re getting a triple threat or fatal fourway for the WWE title now. Cena, Batista, HHH, and Sheamus?

3. Drew McIntyre vs. Kane

What a bathroom match they have in store for us here.

Kane beat MacIntyre up for most of the match and even grabbed him to throw him back in the ring when it looked like McIntyre was cutting bait and going home. Then he got caught with the double-armed DDT and Drew got the pin.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Gail Kim just showed Maryse that she knows French too.

4. Gail Kim vs. Maryse

Matt Striker made a terrible Chinese food joke about Gail Kim which is terrible not only because he’s comparing her to food, but also because she’s not Chinese, she’s Korean.

Vickie Guerrero came out and said she was changing the match to a tag team match and brought out Michelle McCool and Layla and made yet another impromptu match.

It’s now Gail and Maryse vs. McCool and Layla.

Maryse never tagged in. When Kim went to tag her, she just pushed her back in the ring and McCool hit the big boot and the Styles Clash for the win.

Winner: Michelle McCool and Layla

MVP told Miz that since he pinned him in the tag team title match, it gives him a shot at the US championship. Um, huh? Shouldn’t it give them a rematch for the tag belts? This show is way overbooked so far.

William Regal came out and Edge joined him to tell everyone he’ll make his decision on who he faces at WrestleMania, and then to spear Regal.

5. The Miz vs. MVP

It was a slow and deliberate match with the announcers mostly talking about WWE NXT and Miz and Daniel Bryan.

Near the finish, Mark Henry tried to get involved with the Big Show who is a great manager. Show threw him through the barricade and hit MVP with the punch of doom and Miz pinned him.

Winner: The Miz

The show needs to finish with a bang.

6. Smackdown Elimination Chamber

My friend Jenn texted me from being at the show live and said that the Undertaker was burned by the pyro in his entrance and he was pissed. TV cut away from it but he did look mad.

The first two in the ring are R-Truth and CM Punk. Punk hit him with the GTS and it’s over. Goodbye R-Truth and now mic time with Punk.

Rey Rey is in next. Rey got Punk out of there after a fun near five minutes. Rey gave Punk the hurricanrana to the outside and then the splash from the middle of the top rope for the pin.

Now Jericho is in to rekindle their 2009 feud of the year. Mysterio had Jericho in the Dragon Sleeper and Jericho had him in the Walls until Morrison came in. We’ll see if they bring up his ankle. Morrison pinned Rey with the Starship Pain. Only Undertaker is left.

Morrison and Jericho are teaming up together until they clotheslined Taker out. Then Morrison went to roll up Jericho. Taker just beat up Jericho inside the pod. Morrison hurt his ankle and it looks like it will play into the finish.

These guys are killing each other in this match. Taker chokeslammed Morrison onto the steel and rolled him into the ring and pinned him. It’s Jericho and Taker.

It was a great last few minutes. They traded submission holds and then Taker had it won until Shawn Michaels came up from underneath the steel, superkicked Taker, and Jericho won the belt.

Winner: Chris Jericho

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116 thoughts on “WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 Live Play By Play

  1. Intercontinental match was won by drew mackintire! Mackintire DDTED can and one! Mackintire was going out walk away, but cane ran after him!

  2. Vicky just walked in yelling EXCUSE ME!! They called her Lovely (she says shes the most lovely and competitive DIVA! Vicky postponed the Divas championship to a tag-teamed match between Gail Kim and Maryse vs. Michelle and layla!

  3. She wasn’t surprised, she’s just trying to be faster than whoever’s maintaining the blog. *rolls eyes*

  4. Hahahaha. You two can do your own play by play in the comments section. We’ll see whose is more entertaining!

  5. VIP just asked the MIZ for a match over the united States Champion ship! Oh my who will win that?

  6. William Reagal is talking about the NXT! Edge walked out (major fight) (LOL haha Edge would kick that old butt anytime)

  7. Well I would but she never consults me before she starts trying to spell. Hence why she said Mackintire instead of McIntyre

  8. (as Williams “fans would say WHAT”) Edge asked for a slot in the wrestle mania) Edge will make a decision on who he will fight) Wham (that is the sound of Edge spearing William) told you (major fight)!

  9. I say Ezekiel Jackson comes down, takes out John Morrison, enters himself into the Chamber and wins! Kidding! I’d say Jericho.

  10. Crista… you’re my best friend… but you do know you should give up on this whole thing right?

  11. Hmm… I wouldn’t be surprised. HBK’s gone psycho lately so who knows? But wouldn’t he have interfered in the RAW one?

  12. Ha! I don’t like Jericho he is conceded! and sooooooooo…….. 😛 it was random and I like random things:)

  13. I don’t think HBK will be here tonight…it’s too predictable…but he may be on RAW tomorrow or Smackdown this week.

  14. True! But he wants Taker at WM26, so I don’t see how getting in an Elimination Chamber match could furthur that. Maybe if he takes the title he could get a rematch at WM26

  15. yea that’s true to! Ouch….kick from Miz to MVP! (who will win) (Not MVP to fat lol) ha Miz throws MVP around like a sock monkey! ( MVP almost pinned The Miz twice now)

  16. If Michaels causes Taker to lose in the chamber, he’d get the match. Or if he won the title, he’d get the match.

    FGB Radio is the podcast we do on this site.

  17. MVP almost pinned MIZ again! MIZ DDT MVP and almost won, but apparently didn’t do it hard enough!

  18. Maybe. One way or another, I think HBK vs. Taker will happen at WM26 because there’s no other rivalry that’s built up enough to get as much publicity. Plus I thought someone said this could be HBK’s last Wrestlemania, but I think that’s a stupid rumor.

  19. I’m looking forward to NXT, but my dad’s not so I don’t know if I’ll get to see it. I can always look it up on YouTube I guess, they have everything on YouTube lol.

  20. MVP threw the MIZ off the top rope! And busted the MIZ’s head open! Big Show pulled the Miz out of the ring to protect him! Mark Henry got threw into the metal around the ring ( that will leave a mark!) Big show’s head must be HARD! And the MIZ won!

  21. But I don’t see why have a rematch when the outcome will be the same as last year. And if HBK wins, why have the Undertaker lose his streak to someone who’s going to retire soon anyways?

  22. Mo, it’s not really the outcome, but it’s the type of match they’ll be able to have.

    And I’ve met Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) before. He’s a nice guy.

  23. I actually still like Vince McMahon… they’ve been trying to turn him into a heel figure but I’ll always have a soft spot for him lol

  24. Mo, met Danielson in Vegas last year. I have a friend who is good friends with a few of those Florida guys. I mostly hung out with Roderick Strong though.

    Crista, I was just kidding. We do the podcast and I was joking that you should do the play by play for that too.

  25. Well, he IS a crybaby. A gigantic crybaby. But no one can deny he’s an amazing wrestler. Maybe not the “best in the world”, but he’s good.

  26. Then Undertaker in the pod thingy! (my mom is a wuss lol) (she’s afraid of the undertaker! it’s like who’s afraid of the big-bad-putty-cat!) CM Punk is all your locked in here with me not me locked in here with you! And When your nursing your wounds and all that stuff and you drown your self in alcohol and prescription medication And the *Whats up, Whats up* (Interrupted by R-Truth)

  27. You know I didn’t know what a PODCAST was until you said something and I had to go look up what it was on Google (thank goodness for GOOGLE:)

  28. ( I feel so stupid because of the podcast thingie!) I will stop with the play-by plays if yall want me to!

  29. My friend is live at the Elimination Chamber and she said that the Undertaker was burned during his entrance. The cameras cut away but you could see he was pissed and shaking his arm.

  30. CM-Punk was all like put your hand on the screen and feel CM-Punk flow through you! *Puts hand on screen* (Nothing) (I feel a tingling) (Holy Macaroni it burns) (HAND ON FIRE) (STOP<Punch CM-Punk in the face, And laugh:)

  31. well she does it ALL THE TIME! and poor Jericho! Undertaker+ Jericho= oh my gosh i better run for my life (or as Jericho would do RUN TO A POD!)

  32. Crista, I’ve had my tickets for a few months. I’m taking my two boys with me. I went last year and had a blast and will take them this year.

    Feel free to hang out here all you want. You and Jessie (and of course Mo) should feel welcome at all times.

  33. Who say’s HGH can’t be tested and found???

    Proof below from Espn.com click the allsports tab then click MLB the story is on the right side.

    Updated: February 23, 2010, 5:34 PM ET
    HGH test leads to ban of rugby player
    Comment Email Print Share
    ESPN.com news services

    LONDON — In a major breakthrough in the fight against doping, a British rugby league player has become the first athlete to be suspended for using human growth hormone.

    Terry Newton admitted taking the substance in a statement released by his attorneys on Friday. The United Kingdom Anti-Doping authority announced a two-year ban on Monday after Newton was fired by his club, Wakefield.

    “It’s the first time and very significant,” WADA director general David Howman said. “It shows the people who say that HGH cannot be detected that it can. The sports people who said it can’t be detected are fooling themselves.”

    A Test For Baseball’s Union

    With the announcement of an effective test for HGH, it’s time for baseball players to press their union leadership for the facts of the case and consider all of the options, including blood-based testing, writes Buster Olney. Blog Insider

    HGH is banned in the major North American sports leagues, most notably by baseball since 2005. But amid the lack of an effective test, there has not been testing for the substance.

    Travis Tygart, the chief executive of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, said the British finding blasts a hole in that thinking, according to the New York Daily News.

    “All of us who have helped develop a test wouldn’t put it in place if it wasn’t forensically sound and reliable,” Tygart said, according to the Daily News. “Particularly in [Newton’s] case, it’s proof positive the test works.”

    UK Anti-Doping chief executive Andy Parkinson said it was a landmark case.

    “It is the world-first analytical positive for HGH, a substance that has previously gone undetected because it leaves the system fairly quickly after administration,” Parkinson said.

    Parkinson said this case, like the tests for the banned blood-boosting hormone EPO, sends out a message that scientists are catching up with cheats.

    “There has been a feeling that you can take growth hormone with impunity, but this shows this is no longer the case,” Parkinson said. “Now there is a test, so our message to athletes is to think twice about using it.

    “In the 1990s, athletes thought they could get away with using EPO and now there is a test for it. And the same is now the case with human growth hormone.”

    UK Anti-Doping and its drug control center at King’s College London worked closely with the World Anti-Doping Agency throughout the analysis process.

    Howman said the HGH test has been around since the 2004 Athens Olympics, but it hasn’t been available to every laboratory in the world. The testing kits weren’t widely available and the process was fully introduced only at the 2008 Beijing Games.

    “There’s been a lot of cynicism that it’s not going to work and couldn’t be detected,” Howman said. “Now that we have a case, I hope it delivers a message to others that are using it that it’s a risk.”

    By acting on the liver and other tissues, HGH increases bone growth and plays a key role in muscle and organ growth. That makes it a prohibited substance under WADA’s list of prohibited substances.

    Professor David Cowan, director of the center at King’s College London, said that Newton’s ban represented a significant step in how science can catch cheats.

    “This is an exciting, major breakthrough that has been the result of many years of careful research with WADA,” Cowan said. “The detection of substances that are virtually identical to our natural hormones has always represented a challenge.

    “This shows how science has closed an important gap and further enhances our ability to deter the cheating athlete to ensure the integrity of sport and promote healthy competition.”

    The 31-year-old Newton’s suspension will end Nov. 23, 2011. He had recently signed a two-year deal with the Wildcats after playing for Leeds, Wigan and Bradford.

  34. They’ve been testing for three years now and have found one case? Talk to me when they test enough to find a ton of guys.

    This is going to be a long process to really find failures. It still doesn’t sit in the body for very long. The way you’ll do it is ardent testing. Pac isn’t failing if he’s being tested once in 30 days.

  35. You see GG, That is the reason why Pacquiao did what he did. It all makes perfect sense now doesn’t it.

  36. First off, we don’t know if he did anything. He hasn’t failed any test.

    And second off, I said it in the first thing I wrote. It made sense then when I wrote it. Even if Mayweather got his wish, it still would’ve been hard to catch if Pac was taking anything.

  37. No way, Pac Man is on something and you would have to be a moron not to see it. The game is up I love how this is slowly but surely changing sports in general. I showed u proof and don’t worry I’ll be back with much more just hold tight my friend.

  38. You do know that many many athletes are taking something more than likely. All I’m saying is Pac hasn’t failed a test, which is the only way we’ll truly know.

  39. Hey wow… ima get tickets for next year well….next year! lol. Thanks! I’ll tell Jessie:) ha i feel so welcome:) byee

  40. Yeah of course Pac hasn’t failed anything because he won’t take random testing, Come on get real, what kind of fool does Manny Pacquiao take us for??? He’s a cheater who’s time is up. Just wait till March 13th. I can’t wait.

  41. Dude, but no one else does either. So tons of guys could be taking stuff. Pacquiao shouldn’t be the poster boy for cheaters. I’m bothered that he opted out of fighting Mayweather, but I don’t think he should be constantly called a cheater. If he’s doing stuff, tons of guys are doing stuff.

  42. Bad Guess just look at the evidence above. well take care all got to go we meet again MARCH 13th.

  43. That’s like looking into a crystal ball, come on, HGH is the talk of the town in sports and it is about dam time they start exposing those like a Manny Pacquiao and other high profile athletes. We need clean Sports don’t you think it’s about time? I do.

  44. I agree, but what I’m saying is it’s not going to happen unless they get serious about it and they aren’t.

    Did you know that they tested for HGH in the 2008 Summer Olympics and no one failed? How many athletes were tested? Probably all of them. And no one failed? So you’re telling me that this one failure means that HGH testing is legit?

    Once they get serious about testing, I’ll pay attention. They’re not serious yet.

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