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WWE begins releasing ECW talent…

Just as many experts in the business predicted, with the elimination of ECW and the recent financial stockholders conference, WWE has already begun releasing talent from the roster.

Paul Burchill, known for his “Ripper” and “Pirate Paul” personas has been let go by World Wrestling Entertainment. He’s been a heel on ECW for the his most recent run and had pretty decent runs as a face on Smackdown in 2006. There was a lot of potential shown in OVW years ago, but WWE never capitalized on it. Katie Lea is still under contract (and no, they are not really siblings).

In addition, Shane Helms, better known to fans as Gregory Helms or the Hurricane, was also given his walking papers. There was speculation that after the incident with Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy a few weeks back (the alleged taxi cab “fight” that made TMZ headlines), that Helms would be the weakest link (with Jericho getting the World Title). Helms has a history of alcoholistic shenanigans. What surprises me is that Shane is actually one of the few talents who has been with WWE consistently, (not including a one year absence due to a neck injury) since 2001 when WWF bought WCW.

Irony that they were both feuding with each other last.

More releases to come, we’ll keep you updated.

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2 thoughts on “WWE begins releasing ECW talent…

  1. WWE absolutely ruined Burchill. He was a monster on the UK scene, and they completely killed everything that was good about him.

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