UFC 110 Play By Play – Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Vs. Cain Velasquez

It’s UFC 110 time from Australia. It looks like a really fun show on paper, but that doesn’t always translate into being a good show.

Mirko Cro Cop is fighting first, but it won’t be against Ben Rothwell who pulled out on Thursday. Australian, Anthony Perosh takes his spot. It wasn’t that long ago when a Cro Cop fight was an event in unto itself. Boy has that changed.

1. Mirko Cro Cop vs. Anthony Perosh

Perosh wanted takedown, but he couldn’t get it and every time he ended up on his back, Cro Cop let him up. Mirko was patient and though he landed some heavy left hands, didn’t really follow up on them. He easily won the first round, but in a pretty unimpressive way considering that we don’t know Perosh at all.

Perosh can take some punishment. Cro Cop nailed him with an elbow on the ground and opened up a nasty cut on his forehead over his right eye. Herb Dean asked Perosh if he wanted to continue and he did and immediately took another big shot to the face and Cro Cop went into finish mode. Perosh survived, but they ended it at the end of the round.

From Big D who will be with us for the show tonight:

It’s good to see Mirko finally get a freakin’ win in the UFC. The fight ended a lot more violently than I expected, which I think is the best for Mirko. I hope he actually gets Rothwell his next go-round.

Winner: Mirko Cro Cop by way of 2nd round TKO

2. Ryan Bader vs. Keith Jardine

Stevie J from AngryMarks.com and I disagreed on this one. Stevie J thinks that Jardine tools him with his veteran savvy and I think Bader grounds and pounds him out. We’ll see what happens.

Jardine looks ripped tonight. Bader looked a little out of sorts early on, swinging wildly, but he got the takedown and had Jardine on his back. There’s also a slight cut on Jardine’s head. The round wasn’t much, but the takedown wins it for Bader.

That was an interesting round and a harder round to score than the first. Jardine threw the better punches and Bader was on his heels. But because of his style, I can see people giving him the round. I’d slightly give it to Jardine. Bader is fighting his fight.

I feel for Jardine to an extent, even though I picked Bader to win. He was fighting his fight and probably would’ve lost, but he took a huge knee that sent him reeling and then a left hook knocked him out. He came to after the fact, but it was another scary one for Keith.

From Big D:

Jardine’s jaw is not made of glass; more like paper mache. I’m not sure why Jardine will still have a job after this other than the fact that he beat Chuck and because its fun to watch him lose. Huge win for Bader.

Winner: Ryan Bader by way of 3rd round TKO

3. Chris Lytle vs. Brian Foster

Foster dropped Lytle with a huge takedown. Then all of a sudden, Lytle rolled on the ground, went for Foster’s leg and pulled out a knee bar and it looks like Foster is hurt.

Big D’s thoughts:

Destruction. Lytle took his leg off of his body. Fantastic victory

Winner: Chris Lytle by way of 1st round submission

4. George Sotiropoulos vs. Joe Stevenson

If you can simply out-jui-jitsu someone, that’s exactly what Sotiropouols did. He was all over Joe Daddy and made Joe Daddy look like a rookie. The only thing Joe did the entire round was give Sotiropoulos the upkick of death. Joe Daddy needs to change his gameplan.

Joe Daddy wanted it on the feet, but he was losing that battle too. Sotiropoulos was quicker and more accurate with his punches, though he doesn’t have a ton on them. Stevenson had good position once, but he almost got turned into an omoplata. Daddy had an ankle lock, but then was almost choked out to end the round. It’s been Sotiropoulos domination so far.

Joe Daddy needed a knockout to win this fight and didn’t get it. Sotiropoulos had to hold on near the end as Joe Daddy upped the pressure, but unless there are some drunk judges, Sotiropoulos should win unanimously.

Winner: George Sotiropoulos by way of unanimous decision

From Big D:

This was unbelievable in every sense of the word. It was a back and forth battle with tons of near-finishes on the ground. What made this was the Australian crowd, who basically solidified the fact that they’ll get a UFC PPV at least once a year. 22,000 sounded like 80,000. Imagine if George gets a shot at Penn one day. Imagine…

The win puts Sotiropoulos in some bigger lightweight fights now. Not sure what it does to Joe Daddy though.

By the way, I just heard from Cactus Jim and he won money on Georgie’s win. He lost some money on the Dean of Mean though. He also has Bisping tonight.

5. Michael Bisping vs. Wanderlei Silva

With two takedowns and the two best punches in the round, Bisping wins the round. But, the bell saved him from further punishment. Right at the end of the round, Silva pushed Bisping up against the cage and landed a great left-hand.

This might be one of the harder rounds to score in a while. I’m going to go with Silva and slightly. Bisping had two takedowns to Silva’s one, but Silva had a guillotine at the end of the round and again, the bell saved him. Silva was throwing leg kicks, body kicks, and just giving Bisping a more varied look so Bisping couldn’t key on anything.

Silva might’ve just won this fight. It was a very close third round until the end when Silva bull-charged him and landed two right hands while Bisping was backpedaling. Silva did a great job in fighting a strong third round, but I’m not exactly sure what Bisping was doing in that third round.

Winner: Wanderlei Silva by way of unanimous decision

From Big D:

Words cannot describe this incredible victory. Everybody knows Bisping is not one of my favorites and Wandy is and I fully expected Wandy to get dropped and instead he came out and traded with the Count for 15 minutes. It was tied until the last round when Silva stalked him into pulverization. If Nog wins, PRIDE goes 3-0 tonight.

6. Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

I was suckered into taking Nog by Cain’s lack of finishing prowess against Cheick Kongo and by Nog’s performance against Randy Couture. Velasquez knocked Nog out with a huge right hand in the first round. Not sure what else can be said.

Big D:

Tragic in a way. I am predicting Cain is the man that will knock Brock Lesnar out.

Winner: Cain Velasquez by way of 1st round TKO

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  1. Good shit G – wish I was there to watch . Surprised to hear the dean of mean went down.

  2. Ya, I think Bader is the real deal. He’s still not multi-dimensional, but he’s a really good athlete and looks super strong.

  3. What’s up with Joe daddy ? Is he getting too old ? Even though he’s young . He used to be the man.

  4. I think the guys are just better. His jui-jitsu isn’t as good as the top guys and he was never great in stand-up. I commend him though. He keeps at it though he’s had a ton of fights.

  5. Come on bisping ! I hate wanderlei !

  6. Hahahaha. You’re going to be sad.

  7. Nog suckered me in again. Sigh.

  8. He suckered us all. 4 out of 5 picks went to Nog.

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