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UFC 109 Live Play By Play – Randy Couture Vs. Mark Coleman

Hey, I was able to blog this live after all.

Call it Age In The Cage or whatever you want, just as long as you call it the main event of UFC 109. Some may think that this show is worthless, but I guarantee you that it’ll do a better buy rate than Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva, with Rashad being hotter than he’s ever been because of Rampage Jackson and The Ultimate Fighter. There’s just something about Randy Couture.

1. Matt Serra vs. Frank Trigg

Serra said Trigg is a guy he’d smack for nothing. For whatever reason, Trigg has hair. I hope it’s not a wig. Serra looks a little better body wise than Trigg, which I didn’t expect.

Serra had troubles early on with Trigg’s reach advantage. He was going in and out trying to create some room to land. Trigg seemed a little too comfortable. Serra went low and then threw a looping right hand to the head and put Trigg out. He followed it up and Trigg was done. I wasn’t surprised, but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

Winner: Matt Serra by 1st round TKO

2. Dan Miller vs. Demian Maia

Maia needs this fight if he’s going to be taken seriously. Losing to Marquardt is no crime, but getting caught so quickly opened some eyes.

In the first round, both guys were fighting very closely and throwing knees which meant that someone was going to get hit in the family jewels. And just as I said it, Miller took a knee from the clinch to the jewels. He was grabbing his package but the referee didn’t step in and he took two punches to the face. Other than that, it was a pretty even round. Maia stood up and went toe-to-toe with him, and only really went for two takedowns. Miller looked good on his feet.

Maia is fighting a stand-up fight and hasn’t even tried to take the fight to the ground. And he’s probably winning the fight. Both guys are landing, but Maia is slipping in his left hand for the cleaner shots. Miller hasn’t used his wrestling at all and Maia his jiu-jitsu either.

Maia took Miller down twice and the second time, Miller couldn’t do anything. Maia was trying to get out of his guard, but it could’ve been stood up at any time. Miller tried a triangle at the end of the round, but it was Maia’s most dominant round of the three. I’d probably have Maia winning the fight two rounds to zero with one as a draw round.

Winner: Demian Maia by way of unanimous decision

3. Brian Stann vs. Phil Davis

Phil Davis’ nickname is “Mr. Wonderful”. You know who his heroes were.

Davis is tremendously athletic. The second he got Stann down, Stann could do nothing. Davis continued to keep him on the ground and even got the hooks in at some point. Stann needs to keep this thing on the feet. Davis’ round easily.

Wow, that was some ownage. Davis basically put on the GSP clinic. He took him down and just pounded him. He put on a cradle like maneuver and started hammering Stann with knees to his side. Stann tried to protect them with his arm and he could’ve broken his arm.

Davis couldn’t finish Stann, but he did everything but. He had an armbar at the end that would’ve finished Stann if not for the bell. You have two athletes like Jon Jones and Phil Davis in the 205 division who could be the future. It’s still early for both guys, but man, I’m impressed.

Winner: Phil Davis by way of unanimous decision

4. Paulo Thiago vs. Mike Swick

Swick is looking for some AKA revenge on Thiago.

I expected the first round to be a bit slow, but yikes, this was really slow. Swick wins the round for landing the best shot, which snapped Thiago’s head back. He also got a takedown.

Swick snapped Thiago’s head back again, but all it did was wake him up. Thiago threw an over-hand right that landed and then a left hook that put Swick down. He went down and put Swick in a D’Arce choke and it was over.

Winner: Paulo Thiago by way of 2nd round submission

He might start calling himself the AKA killer.

They have at least 45 minutes until they have to go to Couture/Coleman. If Marquardt/Sonnen goes quickly, we’ll see some of the undercard.

5. Chael Sonnen vs. Nate Marquardt

Ok, these guys are fighting. Marquardt put Sonnen in a strong guillotine from his guard and then Sonnen just started to pound him. Marquardt got up and threw a nasty knee that Sonnen just took so that he could take him down again. Sonnen’s round all the way.

Wow, what a round. Marquardt fought his ass off in the second round from his back. Sonnen was just a bulldog. Marquardt did some damage from the back and bloodied Sonnen who had bloodied him earlier. Marquardt was going for submissions, but he just couldn’t get Sonnen off him.

What a great fight this was. Sonnen was owning Marquardt with the takedown and ground and pound. Marquardt latched onto a guillotine again and almost got it. Marquardt was on top at the end of the round, though Sonnen is winning this fight.

Winner: Chael Sonnen by way of unanimous decision

I think I would’ve scored the fight 29-28. Looks like Sonnen is going to get the winner of Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort.

6. Mark Coleman vs. Randy Couture

Coleman looks like an old man. Couture rattled him a couple times with punches, but Coleman got in at least two shots as well. But Couture wobbled his legs and then spent the rest of the round holding Coleman up against the cage and using his dirty boxing.

Couture wins with a quick rear naked choke in the second round. Coleman needs to retire.

Winner: Randy Couture by way of 2nd round submission

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