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Mosley Vs. Mayweather Is Officially Signed

Props to FGB friend Tim Starks at The Queensberry Rules for posting that Floyd Mayweather has now signed the contract for his fight with Shane Mosley (including the Golden Boy press release).

Yesterday, Dan Rafael posted that Mayweather’s delay was frustrating all of the parties involved because they wanted to start hyping the fight in Miami at the Super Bowl. That frustration has probably subsided.

The fight is scheduled for May 1 at the MGM.

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42 thoughts on “Mosley Vs. Mayweather Is Officially Signed

  1. I honestly don’t like Mayweather as a Fighter, I think he will loss against Mosley and I believe the Pacquiao-Mosley Fight will happend this Year after the Philippine Elections.

  2. It actually doesn’t surprise me that you don’t like him. Most Pacquiao fans don’t. I don’t think he loses to Mosley though. It can happen, but I’m not predicting it that way.

  3. I agree, GG Actually, many people will be surprised by Clottey because I feel he will beat Pac Man. Clottey has the perfect style to pressure Pac Man while conserving energy too. I will add that it’s more like Clottey vs Mayweather when all is set and done.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised because I know Clottey went the distance with Cotto and looked great in that fight. Pac Man will run into a defensive rock in Clottey and trust me Pac Man will be tested big time in this fight.

  5. But then the logical argument to what you just said is that Pacquiao absolutely picked apart Cotto, so what stops him from doing the same to Clottey?

  6. Not so, we are talking about two different fighters. Cotto is a hunting Warrior where as Clottey is a defensive hunter. In their fight Clottey barely had a scratch on his face unlike Cotto who got

    cut and was the sentimental favorite of the fight because of the heart he showed which got him that victory. Styles make fights, like I said earlier, Clottey has the perfect style to pressure Pac Man while conserving his own energy. I expect a win for Clottey.

  7. And again, not to put holes in your theory or anything, but if Clottey is a defensive fighter and Cotto was an offensive fighter, wouldn’t Pacquiao be an even better offensive fighter? I don’t really see the difference here.

  8. Very simple, Clottey is a DEFENSIVE HUNTER. He will be hard for pac man to hit all the while also hunting pac man at the same time. Clottey Reminds me of Ronald Winky Wright, and we all

    know how he walked down Mosley and many other fighters. Clottey will do the same, he will walk down pac man. I hope I gave you a good description of what I think of Clottey and what I feel will happen in the Clottey vs Pac Man fight.

  9. I understand why you like Clottey, but you’re not answering the argument that I put forth. Clottey is a great defensive fighter in your opinion. He faced Cotto who was a great offensive fighter and lost. Now, Pacquiao is a better offensive fighter than Cotto, so how does that change things? If he will be hard for Pac to hit, why did Cotto hit him?

  10. Did you see the final compu box numbers at the end of the Clottey Cotto fight? Clottey led in power punches landed and jabs landed.
    Heres the link fast foward to 5:45 to see the final punch stats for yourself.


    You see GG, Cotto barely hit Clottey, I have shown you the proof only 25% landed and 179 total landed for Cotto. Now wait till you see what I mean when you see Pac Man lose in Dallas or should I say hear about it all since you won’t be watching it. I hope this puts your argument to rest.

  11. But don’t you think Pacquiao is a better offensive fighter than Cotto? He imposes his will much better. He gets in and out much better. Punch stats are punch stats. In the end, Cotto’s hand was raised. What does Clottey need to do in order for that not to happen again? I just don’t see it.

  12. Answer, Punch stats are the story of a fight thats why 98% of the time judges will go by the punch stats along with there view of a fight. I’ve already told you what Clottey needs to do and what I feel he will do.

    You just don’t see it, don’t worry, on March 13th 2010 you will. Oh, by the way Cotto is a hunter, Pac Man is a boxer, Cotto played right into Pac Mans game plan. Had Cotto boxed more

    he would have won easy. Just look at when Cotto boxed in round 1 and in the 7th round of their fight, Pac man had problems, didn’t he? Cotto fought Pac Man the wrong way that’s all.

    Another example is Mosley, when Cotto boxed Mosley who I feel is a much better boxer and fighter than pac man what happened??? Mosley had no answer for Cotto’s boxing abilities.

    So you see, Cotto can do it all, he just wanted to destroy pac man and that is what played into pac mans fight plan. I promise you pac man will never give Cotto a rematch thats for sure.

  13. Well, if Manny is cheating, he’s by far, not the only one doing it. Sugar Shane got caught and it seems like he’s getting the benefit of the doubt more than Manny right now.

    I actually am off my pedestal and will probably watch this fight. As much as I disliked the way Pac handled the Mayweather situation, he’s still one of the greatest we have and as a fan, I have to watch him.

    There’s only one month to go so we’ll see if your prediction comes true. I don’t think it will, but if it does, I’m giving you major credit.

  14. Well, at least Mosley admitted it and has never done it again. Also really, Mosley is so talented we all know he doesn’t need steroids. Pac Man does because of the weight class he came from.

    You know this Manny character had so much excuses after losing to Eric Morales, my God, I have never heard of so many excuses even Larry Merchant looked troubled by Pac Man.

    Take a look at the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1h4o0P97Z4&feature=related

    A loss is a loss pac man got beat and didn’t admit it. Cry Baby anyone………

    Lets see what excuses he gives after the Clottey fight.

  15. This statement shocks me:

    “Well, at least Mosley admitted it and has never done it again. Also really, Mosley is so talented we all know he doesn’t need steroids. Pac Man does because of the weight class he came from.”

    How do we know? Mosley had undetectable steroids in his system. He paid Balco to create steroids that couldn’t be tested for. And you’re going to give him that out?

  16. I don’t think Manny will take the fight with Floyd if he wants to dictate the drug testing again. I don’t think Shane will have the same concerns. And Pac still needs to beat Clottey as well.

  17. Are we still going to stick our heads in the sand and pretend that it was Mayweather who held up negotiations considering he agreed to every single thing Manny wanted except he just wanted to make sure Manny was clean? Come on guys. There’s biased because you like someone and I don’t mind that. Pac’s your guy, stick with your guy. But to create revisionist history because your guy didn’t want to be drug tested is a bit too much.

  18. GG, don’t be surprised by my statements because they are facts. You know FACTS, the whole truth. Anyway, if Pac man does want
    to save face he better take the random drug test or he is doomed

    in the sport of boxing and in sports in general. The average person on the street will tell you this get with the program people, its all common sense.

  19. Here is my prediction:

    This steroid thing with Pac man is probably going to go down like this, mid way through the Clottey vs Pacquiao fight Pacquiao’s steroids are going to start running out on him much

    like Eddie Murphy’s weight reduction serum ran out in The Movie Nutty Professor. Then after getting thoroughly whipped by

    Clottey, Manny Pacquiao will confess to Larry Merchant or whoever is interviewing the CHEAT that he was trying to be something that he wasn’t much like Eddie did.

    Pacquiao will then tell us about all the steroids that he took and then say to his fans be yourself or go to hell because liers go there.

  20. Pacquiao is not the underdog between him and Mayweather, why would Mayweather suspects Pacquiao using drugs? Why would he want to make decisions or rules beyond the general way? Somethings fishy about it..Just think of it..

  21. The reason you’d suspect someone is using drugs is because their performance increases at a high altitude. And when you call him out and he can prove that he’s not taking anything and he decides he’d rather opt out of the fight, that’s what’s fishy.

    Mayweather is an ass and has always been an ass. So none of that is fishy. Pacquiao deciding to pass up a fight because he doesn’t want to be drug tested is really fishy.

  22. I found it funny too. Come on use your brain Floyd, Mosley has always been a pay per view fighter. Is Floyd alive and with us or lost in some Island??? Who kid napped Floyd??? XD people say such retarded things sometimes. think, Mcfly, THINK =D

  23. Man, you got to see the huge flaw in Pac Mans fighting style, in this link at 57 seconds into the video Cotto exposes this flaw. Pac Man is so open for the left hook it isn’t funny. It’s a shame that Cotto didn’t throw enough Left hooks. Hopefully Clottey will train to expose Pacquiao’s big flaw. We shall see.



  24. The spectacular fight “mayweather vs mosley” on May 1. I hope after this fight of

    mayweather, the pacquiao vs mayweather will soon be settle. I want to watch out who

    will be the best boxer , will it be pacquiao or will it be mayweather.?

  25. It could be more entertaining compare to pacquiao-clottey fight coz this both fighters seem to be so eager to win the fight and go after with pacquiao match which have a big possibilities of money making fight.

  26. THe whole Reason Why Pac Man went out that Fight was unbareable When You are an upcoming fighter and you have the Biggest pay day of your life you dont turn it down because of blood testing Esspecialy when you got a man sayin you are ducking him Pac Man is very fishy with this and the whole pac man camp……. clotty is a good fighter but he isnt in top rank yet i beleave the top ranked fighters of today are 1-Mayweather 2-Pac 3-Berto 4-Mosley In order to beat Mayweather Mosley CAN NOT!!! fight like he did against margarito Because if he does he Will lose hands down and early mayweather is a Counter puncher The blue print against Mayweather IS NOT CASTILLO its Judah accualy even though he won you see mayweather at times in trouble when he faces another fast counter puncher but ima going to leave it as it is untile May 1st!!!

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