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Fight Camp 360: Inside The Super Six World Boxing Classic – Episode 3

This episode focuses on all three fights of Stage 1 of the Super Six World Boxing Classic.

The show starts with Lou DiBella talking about Jermain Taylor’s scary concussion in his fight against Arthur Abraham as a teaser to open Episode 3. It leads into the morning of the fight with DiBella telling JT’s wife that he hasn’t seen him as skinny in a long time.

Gary Shaw tells Andre Dirrell to let Carl Froch come to him and he doesn’t have to worry about the knockout.


Arthur Abraham is portrayed like a rock star and if you remember the entrance for his fight with JT, that’s exactly who he was.

They showed the fight from the perspective of Taylor’s wife and mother and it was heartbreaking. His mother walked out when Abraham buckled him earlier in the fight, but his wife made his mother come back and watch. And then in the last round when Taylor went down hard, both his wife and mother agreed that they have their whole lives left and there’s nothing left to prove. I think that was the sentiment that we all had for Jermain. He’s had a really good career.


The Andre Dirrell vs. Carol Froch fight was interesting to watch back in highlight form. Dirrell’s corner knew he wasn’t going to get the decision out of the US and told him he needed the knockout. You could see Froch getting agitated but somehow, he was able to keep his cool, even though Dirrell looked like a handful because of his speed and his slipperiness.

Both families thought their guy won easily and had an incredulous look on their faces when they announced it was a split decision. And obviously, Froch’s girlfriend and mother were happier with the decision. Froch deadpanned to his people that he failed the steroid test because he had kryptonite in his urine. Ha!

Froch has supreme confidence and that can go a long way in this tournament.


Andre Dirrell showed up in Andre Ward’s hotel room to support him before his fight with Mikkel Kessler. Kessler doesn’t have the supreme confidence of Froch, but has a great sense of humor about things. Ward received a call from Floyd Mayweather Jr. who told him it was his night and to be smart.

Kessler’s folks definitely thought Ward fought dirty, leading with his head and elbows causing cuts over both of Kessler’s eye lids, causing his corner to stop the fight. They made it a point to show that it wasn’t Kessler who quit, even though he couldn’t really see. They showed Kessler as still calm and good natured even though he lost. The day after, he looked terrible. Kessler himself blamed both the headbutts and the blows from Ward, coming off as a true sportsman.

In the next episode, they show Jermain Taylor dropping out of the tournament, and Arthur Abraham, who has to be one of the two favorites right now, getting ready for his fight with Andre Dirrell and vice versa.

I didn’t like everything about the first two episodes, though this was tremendous. It was a fantastic episode.

You can watch the full episode at Showtime’s website.

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10 thoughts on “Fight Camp 360: Inside The Super Six World Boxing Classic – Episode 3

  1. Another really good episode. It gave you a whole different perspective on the fights.

    Some of the Taylor stuff was a little tough to watch. I’m glad they gave you the real perspective on what happened though. That’s something which has always really bothered me about UFC: when a guy gets hurt they try to just shy away from it, and pretend nothing has happened. Concern for the athlete should always come first and foremost.

    Dirrell came off like a bit of a sore loser after the fight. He was on the wrong end of a close decision, accept it and move on. His little temper tantrum about not wanting to ever fight abroad again did little to endear him to me. I understand the guy is upset with the decision, but the fact of the matter is he left the result in doubt.

  2. Dirrell did come off as a sore loser, but I imagine that stuff was right after the fight. He’s probably come down from those statements.

    What did you think about Froch? There was a certain confidence there that I don’t think anyone else in the tournament has. That was pretty impressive to me.

  3. Yeah, at the end of the show he was talking more sensibly about it. I think it came off looking bad because Kessler was such a remarkably good sport by comparison.

    That’s just the way Carl is. He completely believes in himself, and that’s why he always seems to find a way to win. He sticks with his gameplan knowing one hundred percent that the opportunities will come eventually. He never allows himself to get rattled. He’s very tough mentally. His interaction with Jean Pascal was great.

  4. Loved Kessler’s sportsmanship, but in the back of my head I wondered if he had the killer instinct. If I was getting hit with butts and elbows, I would think I’d be a little more mad than he was. He showed determination in not quitting when basically he had blood dripping right into both eyes, but he didn’t show any angst or urgency to get Ward out of there.

    I think Dirrell is going to have to be sensible soon unless he just runs circles around Abraham.

  5. I just don’t think it’s really in Mikkel’s personality to get all riled up. He just seems like a cool customer. You see very little change in his emotion throughout a fight.

    I was actually hoping for Abraham vs. Ward next. Lets see Ward try those tactics against Arthur, and we will see how far they will take him.

  6. Just an interesting thing to note.,,
    Carl was interviewed on Buncey’s show just now. He thinks Dirrell will beat Abraham. He said he will be hoping Arthur can land a big shot because he feels that Dirrell’s tactics are a pain in the ass to fight against, and he wants him to get eliminated from the tournament. But he just thinks that Dirrell will have learned from fighting him, and that it will a bad match for Arthur stylistically.

  7. I got Andre Ward winning the Whole thing and if it isn’t him the the other Andre. Kessler was so hyped up by the media and look, Ward didn’t just win he destroyed Kessler. It really was no contest. The Big fight of the super six is Andre Dirrell vs Andre Ward also Green VS either Andre’s. Well that’s my thoughts on the super six.

  8. You don’t think Abraham or Froch have a shot? They both won their first fights. Dirrell has a large hole to climb out of.

  9. We will see how Ward fares with Froch and Arthur. Mikkel allowed himself to be taken out of his game by Ward’s rough housing. I can promise yoy that is not a game he wants to play against Froch or Abraham.

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