Bye Bye Maria as Black Friday Continues!!

According to, WWE has come to terms with the release of WWE Diva Maria Kanellis. Maria has been a WWE Diva since 2005 when she entered the company as a lovable “ditzy” babyface and was soon paired with Santino for comedy. Most recently she was involved in an angle with Dolph Ziggler as his girlfriend and then hanging around Matt Hardy’s jock. She is also the 2008 version of the WWE’s Playboy diva and the last WWE diva to be featured in Playboy (since it’s PG now).

This release is pretty surprising considering that she was one of the stars to be featured on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump.

More releases to come.

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  1. What’s Matt Hardy’s gut going to do without her?

  2. It’s really surprising why they release Ms. Kanellis, when in fact she is one who draw the crowd a lot. I like her pretty figure a lot! I’m sad… ^_^

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