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Aftermath: UFC 109: Relentless

2010’s Super Saturday UFC show is now just a recent memory fading, fading, and fading into history. In fact, this show probably NEEDED to fade. But oh well, let’s see what the Gods had to say…


Thumbs down
Best Fight: Chael Sonnen vs. Nate Marquardt
Worst Fight: Demian Maia vs. Dan Miller

Well, this wasn’t exactly the kind of card we hoped for, but it wasn’t all bad. I did enjoy seeing Matt Serra get a knockout win. Frank Trigg didn’t look good at all and retirement may be in his future. I was befuddled that they’d put another decision on from earlier in the night right after Demian Maia’s boring win over Dan Miller, but they wanted to showcase Mr. Wonderful. They shouldn’t waited until after Swick vs. Thiago. Chael Sonnen and Nate Marquardt was very fun, but not your regular fun fight. There wasn’t a lot of back and forth and it was mostly a wrestling destruction by Sonnen. I think Marquardt made the fight by continuing to fight from his back, but Sonnen really schooled him on this night. And Couture knocking out Coleman was anticlimactic because the second you saw Coleman react slowly to Randy’s punches, it was only time before he was going to be finished.

Cactus Jim

Thumbs down
Best Fight: Marquardt vs. Sonnen. Good battle, although it didn’t go the way I’d hoped.
Worst Fight: Maia vs. Miller – Major snoozefest.

There wasn’t much to like about this card. A lot of slow plodding decisions and no real heat around any of the match ups. Two bad shows back to back and I wish I had my $90 back. The next show looks a little better so let’s keep our fingers crossed. UFC desperately needs for their title holders to get healthy or to at least create some interim titles.

Big D

Thumbs Down
Best Fight: Frank Trigg vs. Matt Serra
Worst Fight: Demian Maia vs. Dan Miller

The big difference between this show and the last show is that while we sort of expected the last show to bomb, it actually turned out pretty decent if you paid your 45 bucks. To me, anybody who paid for this didn’t get close to their money’s worth. This was probably the first UFC since the ones in the 90s where I literally fell asleep watching it (during the Mr Wonderful bout). I woke up soon after and I wondered if I would’ve fallen asleep if it were on a nice, shiny HD TV. My two favorite rights were Trigg/Serra and Couture/Coleman, and both were bitter-sweet tales about one guy being completely over the hill and complete with fighting and his opponent SEEMINGLY done but still having fight in them. I love all four guys and am a fan of watching them fight, but reality bites, and it bit Coleman and Serra on the ass. Supposedly though, Gracie had an even more embarrassing performance, but that was on the undercard. To sum up – unless you’re a HUGE Couture fan (and I do mean HUGE) skip it.

Well… UFC 110 and 111 had better be good.

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