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What Happened When Raw Went Off-Air (Bret Hart)?

Here’s a video of what happened when Raw went off-air. It’s awesome to see stuff like this.

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2 thoughts on “What Happened When Raw Went Off-Air (Bret Hart)?

  1. I saw both Raw and TNA on Monday and I felt the Bert Hart tribute on Raw was so much better then what they did with Hogan on TNA. The TNA show was more like the old WCW show all over again. I hope they’re going to continue the storyline with Bert on Raw, like you said earlier.

    Thankx GG for this great video, I always liked going to see live Raw shows to see what happens at the end.

  2. That’s interesting. Lots of people said they liked TNA better. To me, TNA felt way too much like car crash television like the old Nitro days.

    I liked WWE better, but hope they have some great stuff upcoming. I do think competition is best for both companies though so hopefully they both do well.

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